Acceptance Speech

Acceptance Speech

Dear Karma,

thank you for catching up with me when I was hoping you would miss. I learnt to respect you more.

Dear Music,

thank you for being there when nobody else was. I can’t love you enough.

Dear Love,

thank you for your conditional support.

Dear Confusion,

thank you for your unconditional support.

Dear Trouble,

thank you for finding me. You’re not as bad as you seemed when you were closest to me.

Dear Justice,

you’ve been a fat load of help, coming in this late. Thanks for coming anyway.

Dear Stars and Planets,

it’s been easier to pin the blame on you, than face my flaws.

Dear Forbidden Fruit,

you have undoubtedly been the juiciest.

Dear Perspective,

thank you for blurring the lines between good and bad, right and wrong.

Dear Sensibility,

thank you for diving out of the nearest window, when I needed you to.

Dear Time,

thank you for healing all the wounds. Could you take the scars away too?



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