How Abusive People View Abuse – Apaths, Egocentrics, Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths

How abusive people view abuse

How Abusive People View Abuse – Apaths, Egocentrics, Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths:

1. Apaths –

I can’t be bothered to be concerned about abuse. Who cares. Boring. I know people who say they are being abused. I ignore it. Not my problem, is it? And I like that person they said was an abuser.

2. Egocentrics –

Abuse doesn’t affect me, so why should I care? They should deal with their own problems behind closed doors and not bother others. Now can we get back to my problems?


3. Narcissists –

I think it’s fine to use people, treat people badly, then lie, deny, project if you need to. That’s life. Everyone does it. Don’t criticize me, or I will have a tantrum and deny it all. And if all else fails, I’ll act the victim, whilst starting a vindictive smear campaign.


4. Sociopaths

I do plan to exploit and hurting others because I think it’s funny to watch people get upset. It’s not my problem they are weak. And I’ll do it again. It’s fun and I enjoy it. You don’t agree, I don’t care. And if pushed into a corner, I too may act the victim.


5. Psychopaths –

I hurt others because they are there to be used and abused and I feel nothing about how they feel. I will do what I want to get what I want, abuse who I want, hurt them as much as I want and no-one will ever stop me. Don’t even try, or you will be next.


How do I know this is how they think?

Because I have been abused by them all.

And as a result of decades of abuse by all these highly abusive people, I have a lot of insight into the way their minds work.

Commonalities within each of these – are a complete lack of empathy, conscience, remorse, guilt, shame, or regard for human suffering. And a complete sense of entitlement and deep selfishness.

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How Abusive People View Abuse - Apaths, Egocentrics, Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths
How Abusive People View Abuse

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