7 Core Native American Beliefs About Dreams

5) What happens in the dream world has consequences

According to Native American tribe Huron, a person has two souls:

One of them animates the physical body and the other one extends beyond physical activities.
In sleep, this soul travels and communicates with other souls and guides. When this soul returns to the body it communicates its experiences and learning through dreams.

According to Huron people, it is necessary to learn from these dream adventures to unify these two souls and make the person whole again.


6) We have spirit guides and we can contact them through our dreams

Many people on their spiritual journey do a lot of soul work during their sleep.
It is during sleep that their soul travels to meet spirit guides and seeks soul lessons and guidance.

Most of the insights and learnings come in the form of lucid dreaming.

Therefore in the Native American culture, dream work is highly revered. People are encouraged to remember their dreams and seek help from Shamans to interpret the meaning of their dreams to progress on their spiritual journey.


7) Dreams could be an important clue to heal soul loss.

According to Shamanic cultures, our soul can leave the body during times of stress or trauma, this process is referred to as soul loss.

According to Native American tribe Shoshone, soul loss is a common cause of illness.

Soul retrieval is a powerful Shamanic healing technique.

Shamans also engage in dream work with people to understand where the lost soul can be found; alternatively, Shaman or a medicine person would go into a trance state and search for the lost soul.

The lost soul would be then restored to the body and theperson would heal and get this lost vitality and exuberance back.

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