5 Things To Remember During a Spiritual Blockage

5 Things To Remember During a Spiritual Blockage

Are you going through spiritual blockage?

We are all different – even our spiritual personalities are not the same. Just the way all artists are unique, even though they belong to the same field of creative expression. All of us are spiritual in our own ways, but for some, the mystic aspects of life are really important. These are the people who are also quite sensitive to the ups and downs of their spiritual journey.

There isn’t necessarily any such thing as spiritual blockage, as at every stage of our life we’re going through an unseen transformation. But I use the term spiritual blockage as my own perception of a phase of my spiritual connection with your body when I had to rethink the way I perceived spirituality.

5 Things To Remember During a Spiritual Blockage

If right now, you are going through a stage of being unsure about yourself and everything that your soul has always connected with, hang on there! Times like that are frustrated and depressing, but they are transient. When they pass, they leave your heart and soul aglow with priceless experiences and learnings.

Here are five of the amazing things I learned from having what I perceived as a spiritual blockage

1) There is no right way of being spiritual

See, I’m repeating the idea I have already expressed; we are all different. Consider each soul ever sent to this world as a portal itself, connected with the spiritual realm. We are not just travelers; we are the way.

You cannot walk on another person’s path, and no one else can walk your way for you. When you start exploring your spirituality, often you surf through different methods, ideologies, spiritual concepts and practices.

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The more you explore the more you’ll be able to discover things your soul vibrates with and the ideas you just don’t seem to connect with. It’s okay to not do what everyone else is doing. Let your own path unfold for you.

 2) If you believe in a God, you can’t find Him by Destroying Yourself

I believe in God. I believe in values, ethics, and good and evil. What I don’t believe in is that self-destruction can be required to please any higher entity. Destruction is a negative word and the very act is unexpected in any form. How can you expect to find love when your medium is corrupted? Your medium is your soul, your own self. You have to honor that medium so it can help you get closer to God, enlightenment, spiritual progress… whatever you are seeking.

3) We all take our perspective of reality way too seriously

Quantum Physics says that reality only exists if we measure it. Our perspectives of reality are something we hold onto like a Dragon guards its treasure (though it probably isn’t going to use that treasure anyway). Perhaps we need to feel ownership over something. Perhaps this is how we strive to establish our identity. But letting of our perspectives about life, reality, and spirituality is inherently an uncomfortable process for humans. That’s why, we end up enforcing our ideas upon others.

4) Spirituality doesn’t necessarily make everything easier

Spirituality helps you form better attitude towards life and whatever comes your way. It doesn’t necessarily eliminate turmoil and struggles from your existence. You will still be a being who’s responsible to think, decide, and act. Making decisions will still be your own job and you won’t necessarily have heavenly signs falling all around you telling you what to do.

I’ve come across something I came to call spiritual blackmailing, where people tell you that God wants you to do certain things because they seem to be the obvious steps a person can take to avoid trouble. Though the closer you are to inner self, the more vivid your ability to analyze situations will become, but making decisions can still be a bittersweet human experience.

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5)  You’re spiritual? Cool. You still don’t need to please everyone

Spirituality will bring kindness, but also confidence and assertiveness. The more balanced your emotions are, the easier it will be for your to be neutral about a situation. Our desire to please others stems from our longing to be adored and liked. Being spiritual doesn’t mean that you should please everyone.

I believe our souls are eternal students of the universe; our learning process can never end – perhaps not even after death. Have faith on your own connection with the Universe and you’ll find that you’re capable of unraveling not one, but many paths to enlightenment and truth.

What’s your story on spiritual blockage? Let us know in comments.

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5 Things To Remember During a Spiritual Blockage
5 Things To Remember During a Spiritual Blockage
5 Things To Remember During a Spiritual Blockage

Zahra Akbar