3 Karmic Lessons That Will Enlighten Your Path

3 Karmic Lessons That Will Enlighten Your Path

Enlighten your path by learning these 3 karmic lessons.

“Karma is a dish best served cold”. I am sure you’ve heard this before, among other phrases.

The word karma has become so common in our vocabulary that we seem to accept it as a normal functioning part of reality.

For instance, when someone is rude to another and then immediately following walks into a pole, we don’t hesitate to point out that “they had what was coming to them”. This is the understanding of day-to-day karma, as we have accepted. As every action has an equal and opposite reaction, we have adopted this understanding and called it karma, but this to me is not the true meaning of karma.

Now, on the other hand, there is a karma that many have adopted, that firmly rests upon the belief of reincarnation. As I am sure that many of you are well aware of this fact, I will keep it light. The basis of this doctrine to put it plainly is that as we incarnate from lifetime to lifetime we gather “karma points” good and bad for past actions.

Each lifetime you live, you will be paying off karmic deeds, as well as reaping the benefits of good karma (either in this lifetime or a previous) until all karma has been settled and you will no longer need to reincarnate.

Now I don’t know about you, but something just doesn’t sit right with me about all of this.

3 Karmic Lessons That Will Enlighten Your Path
3 Karmic Lessons That Will Enlighten Your Path

Here are 3 karmic lessons.

1. Guilt

What are the two best ways to control a population? Fear and Guilt

When we insinuate that karma translates to deed, we instill an automatic emotional reaction which usually transgresses as guilt or unworthiness. Karma is not to be equated with guilt. Karma is to be equated with action. I can’t help but refuse the idea that we are here on this earth until we finally “get it right”, or pay off some kind of debt. We are here to learn, to grow and to experience life as a soul incarnate, in the divine creation of human existence.  We are here because we choose to be here, no guilt, no strings attached.

So what is karma then?

Recently, I was thinking. And in this thinking… I started thinking… about overthinking…. and had the realization that overthinking, while many understand is the “art of creating problems that were never there to begin with” I saw more clearly that lack of trust, was the true cause of creating problems that were never really there, to begin with, and that lack trust initiates overthinking, which becomes the sole” cause of action” or karma.

When we are unable to let go of control, we cause our own misfortunes, we create unnatural expectations and veer from our own path. When we learn to trust however, we form a basis of guided action, which winds our sails, and allows for the natural progression and evolution of the mind, body, heart, and soul.

When we act out of emotional response, exhibit impatience or lack of acceptance, we are only hurting ourselves and we move farther away from our higher self and deeper into the darkness or un-illuminated layers which mask the light within us.

Think of yourself as a lampshade. Each time you lash out against someone, rush into things without thinking or try to eagerly make plans without listening to your inner voice, you are really only hurting yourself and adding another shade or false mask over your energetic body. All of these actions make the light bulb inside of you harder to see. Each shade you add over yourself dims your light inside, and this is why peeling back the layers or masks of your ego is so important.

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2. Alchemy

In Daoism, it is taught that if one is to clear themselves of all karma one must take the middle path, and in the words of Alan Watts “shoot and shoot quickly, before the devil knows what you’ve done”. Now, what this is referring to is alchemy– turning the lead into gold and following the real yellow brick road. This is real karma, in its truest understanding.

What does this mean?

Scientifically speaking, we are the microcosm of the macrocosm in the universe. As above, so below, and as within, so without. We are the miniature representation, that possesses the characteristics and qualities of the larger macrocosm. This includes our physical body, as it exists within the larger whole of its system.

Essentially, your soul is the point of singularity, that is found within a black hole or a star and the sun is just black hole reversed.

So, in terms of our eternal energy, it is understood that our souls are stars and black holes are simply stars turned inside out.

An un-enlightened or un-illuminated person is just that, an inside out star. When we clear our “karma” what we are attempting, is to clear all stagnant energy and turn the light inside out to shine brightly for all to see.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious”- Carl Jung.

In order to accomplish, it takes the de-layering of emotional and psychological conditioning of the mind as well as deep introspection, (knowing yourself) which can be namely achieved through prolonged meditation as well as occult-ed rituals and rights of passage. (This may be why in freemasonry the initiates are shown to draw a circle using a compass.) Karma can then be viewed as layers of energy that are formed in your mind radiating in your energetic body and to breakthrough, you must first peel back the layers of yourself.

When you can forgive yourself and understand that your words and actions are created by the level of conscious awareness that you exist in, you have taken the first step towards karmic freedom. Freeing yourself of karma then becomes the simple act of healing yourself and allowing your light to shine through.

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