10 Signs You Are Making Love Not Just Having Sex

Signs Making Love Not Sex

7. It’s just another tick on your list.

Making out with someone for the sake of it usually just feels like you’ve made another conquest. You wanted to be physical and you went out and got it and now it’s time to move on and focus on some other goal or some other person.

But when you’re making love to someone, you are happy. You lay out a future for yourselves together because you don’t feel like ever-ending what you have. You’re ready to go for a more serious commitment like marriage and a family.

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8. Sometimes it can get nasty in a naughty way.

You’re more likely to explore the nonromantic, casual side of it if you’re just in it for the pleasure. Most of the time you don’t even have to worry about seeing that person again in your life and if you’re really desperate you can do it just about anywhere.

When it’s making love, you put more thought into what you’re doing. Even if its a quick, hurried act you add something to make it memorable. It is mostly an experience which brings positive vibes whenever you recall it.

9. It’s always a unique experience.

If you break up with the person you were making love to, you’ll never feel like you have to compare and contrast between them and the next person you enter a relationship with. You recognize that what you had was special and intimate.

But if you were just in it for the physical part and now you’ve moved on to a different partner, you actively contrast the two experiences.

Signs You Are Making Love Not Just Having Sex
Signs You Are Making Love Not Just Having Sex

10. It’s a different kind of education.

As mentioned earlier, when you are in a relationship held together by pure bodily desires, there is more pressure on you to please your partner. And so, you will be more willing to explore new ideas and come up with creative ways to please them.

But when you’re in love, there is no such pressure. You don’t need to indulge in any complicated gymnastics with your partner to find what you’re looking for.

Even if you keep it simple, the sheer attraction between the two of you will ensure that it is amazing.

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10 Signs That Say If You Are Making Love or Just Being Physical
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