Why You Love Her, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Why You Love Her Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Every human being in this world is different, and no two people are alike. Different characteristics, different personalities, and different behaviors make us who we are. Similarly, when it comes to love there’s a reason why you love the girl you love; there is something about her that attracts you to only her, and nobody else.

One of the few things astrology can assure us is about giving us clues about the men and women we are attracted to. As a man, you would choose to love a particular kind of girl who you feel can keep you grounded and happy! Sometimes the stars of a woman help you know more than the person themselves.

There are many things that attract a man to a woman. The spark can be both physical and mental. When you look for compatibility of a zodiac sign, you delve deeper and deeper into a woman’s self and thereby get attracted to her inner core. The stars often lead a man to a woman and make him fall hard for her.

Here Is Why You Love the Girl You Love, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

1. Aquarius (January 20th-February 18th)

She is calm and honest, with a lot of optimism in herself.

Why You Love Her, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

An Aquarian woman is a calm, carefree, happy, and honest person who is always brimming with optimism and cheerfulness. She is someone who is very loveable and honest, and even if you are having a bad day, one smile from her can take your whole day and mood around. She might see the world in a very idealistic way, but you will be surprised to see that she can be very rational when needed.

Make sure that you never provoke her mindlessly, or she would snap. Make sure that you do not disappoint her because she has a soft heart, and if you hurt her badly, she will be cold towards you. She might forgive you with time, but she will never forget what you did to cause her pain.


2. Pisces (February 19th-March 20th)

She is the perfect example of beauty with brains.

Why You Love Her, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Pisces women are the epitome of beauty with brains; she will be the best-dressed person in the room, and also the most intelligent and well-spoken too. They have a way of making you feel that all you want to do is talk to them all day long. Pisces women have a very strong emotional side to themselves, but at the same time have nerves of steel.

Her alluring personality makes you never want to leave her and go back home, even when you have spent the entire day with her. She will show you a love that you have never experienced before. But make sure that you never ever take her for granted. If she gives up on you and falls out of love with you, you will never get her back.


3. Aries (March 21st-April 19th)

She is vivacious and energetic, who knows how to have a good time.

Why You Love Her, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

When you love an Aries girl, you are in for a ride! Aries women are lively and vivacious people who know how to show you a good time; whenever you will be with her, you will have the time of your life. She is a blunt and straightforward extrovert who calls a spade a spade without beating around the bush. She does not believe in deceiving people or cheating on them, and she would any day tell the truth and rather lose some friends than pretend to be someone she is not.

You will hardly be bored with her, as she will come up with something or the other to do or talk about. She has an amazing sense of humor which will keep you in splits the entire time you are with her. But never ever make the mistake of betraying her or breaking her trust. She will not forgive you in a million years.


4. Taurus (April 20th-May 20th)

She is determined and strong with a heart of gold.

Why You Love Her, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Women with the Taurus zodiac sign build up walls around themselves, and seldom let anybody in. They do this to protect themselves from getting their hearts broken again by someone else; they are emotional and big-hearted people who do not want to feel that pain again. She might seem very tough and inexpressive on the surface, but deep down inside she longs for true love, and companionship.

As a person, she feels inspired more than jealous, and she is always trying to be better. She is a very determined person, who harbors a lot of love for her close ones, but at the same time has a lot of self-love within her too. Her independent nature makes her a strong person, who doesn’t really need anyone to help her fulfill her goals.


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