Are You With A Soulmate Or A Wound mate? Here’s What You Should Know

Are You With A Soulmate Or A Wound mate

A wound mate may be a soul mate who is not ready, willing, or able to do the essential soul work needed to grow, both for oneself and in a relationship.

Getting a soulmate is an absolute bliss but for some, that special person may be a wound mate. 

In the contours of our life, we meet people; some pass by as strangers, some remain in the boundaries of friends and acquaintances while there are some with whom we tend to move beyond friendship.

Conversations, sharing of thoughts, moments, experiences culminate in bringing us closer to that person, and with due course of time and mutual reciprocation, we embrace the notion that finally, we have found our soulmate.

Committing to your soulmate is the easiest part of the journey.

Living up to the commitment with love is perhaps the acid test where one understands if at all the partner is a soulmate or a wound mate.

When we say that life is a bed of roses, we miss out on the thorns. Yes, life is definitely not easy. Initially, when two people start seeing each other with the interest to take the relationship forward, they put forward their best of behavior.

The joy of finding the soulmate is precious; similar wavelength, faith in similar philosophies of life, understanding each other and a number of other things play the cupid to mature the bond.

But the thorns come into the picture once the two soulmates are united. Slowly with the passage of time, we tend to realize that our soulmate is perhaps not the soulmate we thought them to be, rather they are the wound mate.

Soulmate or wound mate?

We meet a lot of people in our lives, and some turn out to be the best, while the others turn out to be the exact opposite. But, one thing it does for sure, and that is make us understand and know ourselves better.

If we are constantly focusing on the negatives that happen in our lives, or have happened in our lives, we will keep on attracting wound mates. This will also lead us to repeat and experience the same dysfunctions over and over again.

The reasons are simple. Nobody is perfect. The nature of our surroundings is in constant flux and putting the effort in our understanding of the world, in our understanding of people will reveal if at all our soulmates are wound mates and whether the issues can be resolved or not.

The present form of each one of us is made up of our past memories and experiences. There’s a veneer of joy, pain, anger, unrest attached to our memories of the past.

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As human beings, we are social animals and sail along with the wave of time. The person who said that time heals wounds tricked us into believing that all past wounds can be healed. But wounds have the tendency to come out given the right environment.

Starting a relationship and living in it with our soulmate are completely two different things. It is during this time of living together that the veneer falls off.

It might get triggered by the soulmate themselves. Now, the question comes is how the other person deals with it. It is not possible to understand each and every vibe but a real soulmate will sense the nature of the energy around and act accordingly.

Choosing any of the seven deadly sins is the wrong move. If the soulmate decides to go against the tide, then perhaps it’s time to rectify that particular decision of our lives.

Love and compassion are the keys to heal wounds. It is through this mutual understanding, showing empathy, the companionship that the soulmate can render positive vibes and dispel the negativities of the past, helping the better-half feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy with life.

We are all a mixture of positive and negative energy. At times, one or the other form of these energies become strong and influence our behavior.

This, in turn, affects our relationship with people around us. Soulmates share negative energies too.

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