When Death Comes

When Death comes it is not convenient, or better, or easy.

It doesn’t come with manners, etiquette or rules to follow.

It doesn’t come bringing a gold leafed invitation you can decline,

It comes with surgical steel precision dissecting your life.

Death may come in the quiet of night with a crash

It may come at high noon with a silent breath.

It may be welcomed like a soft bed of blankets after a long journey

It may be as disagreeable as a bed of nails.

Death comes without explanation, justification or reason.

It comes without being fair, or just or reversible.

It comes without your permission, approval or acceptance.

It comes without an undo button or an option to refuse delivery.

When Death comes it cares not what God you do or do not believe in;

Whether you went to temple, church, mosque or Sunday brunch.

It cares not what’s in your bank account, or on your to do list.

It certainly cares not whether you are ready.

When Grief comes it comes ripping shreds of flesh from emotional bones

Filling them with marrow of sorrow.

It cares not how many birthday’s you’ve had

Nor how many degrees hang on your wall.

Grief comes bringing unbelievable pain and intolerable numbness.

It comes bringing more questions than answers.

It may come as a gentle wave on the shore

Or as a tidal wave tossing you under and over.

Grief comes without respect to place, or time or status.

It wreaks havoc with equilibrium and motivation.

It causes doubt, isolation and disorientation.

It is unilaterally deaf to desperate pleas for mercy.

When Grief comes it comes without kindness or compassion,

It cares not that you are overflowing with it and unable to breathe.

It cares not that it brands epitaphs on your heart.

It cares only that it change you forever.

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