What Dating Should Feel Like And What It Shouldn’t

dating should feel like

When you love someone and are dating them, it should feel positive and nice, doesn’t it? Exactly. Loving someone and dating them should always make you feel optimistic, and make you associate happy emotions with it. If it’s the other way round, then maybe you are with the wrong person.

Here Is What Dating Should Feel Like and What It Shouldn’t

Dating Should Feel Like:

1. Dating should feel light.

You should be able to walk arm-in-arm with the person you’re courting and feel the butterflies in your stomach. You shouldn’t be stressed about the future quite yet, shouldn’t be worried about what was before. Instead, you should have a smile on your face and a heart full of fire.

2. Dating should feel simple.

There shouldn’t be complications, mixed messages, or confusing signals. You should be with someone who is clear with his or her intentions and how he or she feels about you. And you should be able to think, feel, and express the same feelings without fear.

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3. Dating should feel like an adventure you’re not afraid to embark on.

Dating should be both exciting and comfortable. You should have moments of giddy nervousness as you wait for him to open the car door for you, or as you wait for her text. You should be surprised at the first brush of your hands, first kiss, first touch. But you should also feel as if sharing the same wine glass, the same bowl of pasta is the most natural, comfortable thing in the world.

4. Dating should feel like the rest of your life is beginning.

Not that you’ve made relationships the center of your life, but that you’re starting a new chapter with this new person by your side. And suddenly you’re not afraid of what’s coming your way or how the two of you are bonding together—you are simply walking forward with your heart open wide.

Dating Shouldn’t Feel Like:

1. Dating shouldn’t feel like pressure.

It shouldn’t feel like you’re supposed to be or act a certain way. When you’re with someone, you shouldn’t feel that you have to change the person you are to make them happy or satisfied. You shouldn’t have to worry about being anything or anyone other than who you are.

2. Dating shouldn’t feel like expectations.

It shouldn’t feel like the other person is wanting you to give more than you can, or that he or she is ‘owed’ something from you. This is not a transaction, not a ‘deal.’ You should never feel the need to give parts of yourself, ever. Especially when you’re not ready.

3. Dating shouldn’t feel like twisting in your belly.

That’s telling you that something isn’t right.

It should feel safe.

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4. Dating shouldn’t feel insincere.

You shouldn’t feel like the other person is holding back or hiding something from you. You shouldn’t imagine the potential relationship like a puzzle, one you’re supposed to solve. This isn’t a game, isn’t meant to be anything other than genuine emotions expressed and built upon.

5. Dating shouldn’t be something you fear.

Because with the right person, right timing, right relationship, the pieces fall into place. Because when you’re with the person you’re meant to find, everything will feel right—even if it’s imperfect and messy.

Because real love is never perfect, but it doesn’t hurt, doesn’t leave you confused, and doesn’t take anything but your breath away.

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What Dating Should Feel Like And What It Shouldn’t

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