17 Natural Ways To Increase Oxytocin In Your Body

natural ways to increase oxytocin

10. Cook And Eat With Someone You Care About

Parents eat together with children to teach them about family values and traditions. As a child eating with parents made us feel secure and loved. Don’t you agree? And how can you forget those memorable lunch breaks in school and colleges, where sharing food involved lots of fun with friends. Why does this activity give you so much pleasure? 

Well, research on chimpanzees showed that sharing food can facilitate bonding and cooperation between unrelated individuals via the oxytocinergic system across social mammals. This is why eating makes you feel calm and satisfied and pushes you for social interaction and attachment.

Cooking and eating together is a wonderful method to boost oxytocin, build new connections and strengthen existing connections with people. Eat together, make new social bonds, gain some new friends!

11. Get Outside And Soak Some Oxytocin

There is rapidly growing evidence about the health benefits of nature. Hiking, walking in woods, listening to the sounds of nature  (like – the chirping of birds, frogs croaking, swashing of sea waves) correlates to higher levels of oxytocin.

You can connect with nature in various ways like forest bathing, camp in the woods, having a bonfire, simply sunbathing, watching sunset or sunrise, sitting at an outdoor dining table, and so on. 

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12. Intermittent Drinking

While the term “intermittent fasting” is quite popular, the term “intermittent drinking” is hardly known to people. Unlike the common recommendation by health experts – which is to drink 8 glasses of water every day, intermittent drinking is –  taking breaks from drinking water and drinking up to a feeling of satiety and regulated by a mild feeling of thirst. 

It doesn’t mean you have to drink less water. You can consume the same amount but less frequently – which is “intermittent bulk drinking”. This is what animals and newborns mostly do and was common for men during the hunter-gatherer period. Intermittent drinking includes water, tea, and coffee.

According to Pruimboom and Reheis (2016), when drought and “homeostatic disturbances” give rise to the feeling of thirst, the process activates the specific oxytocin-producing parts of the brain. This type of drinking boosts oxytocin signaling, recovers human trust, and increases health by reducing stress and inflammation. 

13. Acupuncture 

Not just a wonderful de-stressing agent, but acupuncture – the traditional Chinese practice of meditation – is also good enough in stimulating the release of oxytocin.  A 2013 study showed that acupuncture can affect the synthesis, release, and action of several neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, including oxytocin. 

You can also try a simple massage from a registered massage therapist to lower your stress hormones and increase your oxytocin levels in the body. Another study found that a light massage is more effective at increasing oxytocin than a deep-tissue Swedish massage. Why not try a gentle rub down? 

14. Listen To Music And Sing

Music irrespective of the genre soothes your soul. But, researchers found that listening specifically to soothing music for 30 minutes significantly increases oxytocin levels in the body. When this intervention was tested on a group of patients who underwent open-heart surgery, the slow-tempo music increased both oxytocin and heart-rate variability, while there were no such changes in the control group who were simply lying on the bed. 

What can be the easiest natural way to skyrocket your oxytocin levels?

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15. Watch A Movie 

Sounds crazy? Ever wondered why do you feel so good after watching your favorite movie? Well, the credit goes to oxytocin. 

A 2015 study showed that watching compelling narratives leads to the synthesis and release of oxytocin. Also, it impacts our beliefs, actions, and attitudes. Watch more inspiring stories and charge your brain!

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