The Sacred Rebel Rising

The beginning of January was a great start for me. And then things got a little bumpy. It’s not unexpected, we’re all going through a rough ride, it’s in the stars you see.

According to Vedic astrology we’ve entered a particularly challenging time, a time where we can be easily pulled off our true paths and meet with confusion and uncertainty.

Isn’t this life though?


There’s dark in light and light in dark. Yin and Yang. The integration and balance of these two forces for the purpose of self-harmony is the essence of yoga practice.


There’s always a conflict before this union takes place.


Vedic mythology and literature has ample examples of this internal war. Take the ancient epic, Mahabharata, the text holding one of the earliest discussions of yoga, where the great war at Kurukshetra is an allegory of our mental and spiritual battlefields, or the famous story of the fight between goddess Durga and the demon Mahishasura, where the goddess triumphs after nine-nights of intense battle.


Usually it comes down to a battle between the masculine and feminine forces.

Aren’t we seeing so much of this reflected in the outside world? The feminine is rising and fighting back from devalue and oppression. What we see on the outside is an indication of what needs healing on the inside.

I’m biased towards the feminine of course, I’ve had a feminist academic training, and healing the disempowered feminine is part of my personal mythology. I’ve also done deep soul-work for the last year and half now which has put me back on track to offer my gifts to the world.

My purpose is to empower the powerless, to help heal the disconnection with ourselves, to bring forth the warrior energy of the goddess Durga, to transform darkness through the justice of Kali and to preserve the world like Vishnu.

Epic? Ambitious? Why the hell not!


I tend to use ‘Shakti’ a lot in my writings. Shakti is another name for Durga, a powerful expression of the divine feminine. She’s a rebel because she seeks to undermine the status quo, to shake up old traditions and patterns of behaviour that’s kept us from receiving her nourishment and vitality. 

She answers to no God, she is the Great Mother of the universe.

What’s unique about my healing work (teaching and coaching) is that I use the archetype of the warrior feminine to articulate yoga, writing and even martial arts practice!

I equate Shakti with mind, breath, feelings, body, movement, and use a range of modalities to help remove internal blockages to aid change and transformation.

Would you like to go on a quest with me? A quest to rescue, awaken and heal the feminine within?

I have a couple of offerings coming up which aims to do just that: 

An 11 Day Writing Challenge for healing and transformation. (February, Online.)

A Shakti Flow Yoga + Creativity Workshop (March, London).

Keep a look out for further details!

And of course, you may book a 30 or 60 minute session with me if you’re in need of clarity and focus or feeling particularly challenged.

Join my private Facebook group, Warrior Training for the Sensitive Soul, I save my best motivation and inspiration for this group and will occasionally give away free things.

A final note, to get started in this sheroic journey towards greater self-connection and harmony, download my FREE Sensitive Warrior Bundle.

I invite you now to think about your path and purpose. Is the sacred rebel rising within you too?

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