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The #1 Trick To Instantly Spark Chemistry With Someone

Learn this trick to spark instant chemistry with someone you admire.

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We all know that body language is an important factor in the creation of chemistry between two people. And of all the different types of body language, we use to build this chemistry, the one that stands out the most is eye contact.

Now, a lot has been written about the importance of maintaining eye contact with someone that you’re trying to get closer to. But I’m going to show you something that you probably haven’t seen before – a little technique that will let you increase the effect of your eye-contact efforts by a factor of 10!

This technique isn’t something you can find on a website, in a book, or from self-styled pickup artists. Believe me. The reason I can say this is because I discovered this little trick on my own, purely by chance.

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This technique is a great way to get someone to notice you and has the power to create the kind of chemistry between a man and a woman that over time will result in them falling in love.


How I First Stumbled On this Technique for Building Chemistry

It all started a few years ago, with a girl who lived in my home town. Every time we ran into each other we would talk and enjoy each others’ company. But there was something about her that made her stand out from all the other girls I knew.

What was it that made her so special? Why did I feel that way? Was it true love? Fate? Was she “The One?”

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No, she wasn’t! Read on…

As time went on, we began dating. However, it didn’t end up being the relationship I’d dreamed for. After a while, the whole thing just sort of fizzled. Although I’d started out with high hopes, eventually the relationship more or less broke down like a junk car.

So considering this, what was it that had attracted me to that specific girl in the first place? Why did I feel such a strong pull, only to have the relationship fail so quickly? Then WHAM! I suddenly realized what it was that had drawn me to her in the first place.


Long Eye Contact

This girl was charming, pretty, and easy to get along with, but she was a little on the slow side. Not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. And it just so happened that a particular side-effect of her “slowness” fooled me into thinking I was in love with her.

Whenever I spoke to this girl, it took longer than usual for her to catch the gist of what I was saying. Usually, there were a couple of seconds between my speaking to her and she answers me. During this time, she would usually look at me silently before she spoke.

Subconsciously I interpreted her neutral gaze as an attempt on her part to connect with me emotionally. This prolonged eye-contact created chemistry between us, and it was powerful.

Of course, she never set out to do this, but I was still fooled on a subconscious level. Before long, I was tricked by my subconscious mind into falling for this girl based on what I had subconsciously labeled as her attempts to connect with me.

Completely by accident, her prolonged eye-contact created private and personal moments between us every time I spoke to her. In the weeks between when we first started talking and when we began dating, these moments of intimate eye contact caused me to form a strong emotional attachment to her.


And I Only Figured It Out by Accident!

Many of the world’s greatest inventions and discoveries happened by accident.

Penicillin, the first antibiotic, was discovered by Alexander Fleming on a Petri dish that he had discarded from his lab. Percy Spencer set out to improve the efficiency of radar systems, and instead invented the microwave oven.

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