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8 Inspirational TED Talks For Parenting

Inspirational TED Talks For Parents

On TED Talks, you can discover inspiration for anything, from creativity, motivation, and parenting. Want your child to be the best? Here are 8 best TED Talks for parents.

There are stages that were created with the interest of spreading the best possible ideas that have come to the mind of the best and biggest possible audience there is on the planet. The TED Talk stage is one of them. TED is created to stimulate spreading ideas, and they actually work under the slogan Ideas Worth Spreading.

The speaker allows you to take a journey by explaining the truth about what he is passionate about. Many online viewers of TED talks have expressed inspiration upon watching these awesome talks, including me. When I became a mom I was trying to gather every knowledge of parenting by watching these talks. 

Parenting can be overwhelming. There are many times you will find yourself wanting honest, experienced advice for this difficult phase. Ted Talks for parenting here came as a real rescue for me. It provided me with fresh ideas and inspiration that made my parenting journey a lot easier.

Take a look at these 8 must watch TED talks for parents that will inspire, move, and motivate you with well-thought and genuine advice.

8 Best TED Talks For Parents On How To Raise Successful Kids

1. Julie Lythcott-Haims: How to Raise Successful Kids Without Over-Parenting

best ted talks for parents
Best Ted Talks For Parents

In this TED Talk, Lythcott-Haims, a former dean of freshman at Stanford University, is the author of “How to Raise an Adult,” gave us an insight that today’s parents care too much about their kid’s short-term happiness, rather than their long-term maturity. She explains, kids need us to be a little less obsessed with grades and scores and a whole lot more interested in childhood providing a foundation for their success built on things like love and chores.

She explains that constantly having high expectations of children forces you to over-parent and your child will never develop their own self-efficacy.

Check out the video here: How to Raise Successful Kids Without Over-Parenting

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2. TED Talk by Rita Pierson: Every Kid Needs A Champion

Explaining the calling of being a teacher, Pierson says:

Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.

As a professional educator, she empathizes on the importance of believing in students and the importance of connecting with the students as a friend rather than a teacher to help them succeed. She reminds the educators to focus on building genuine relationships with students in order to make the students believe in their own capabilities to achieve success.

Check out the video here: Every Kid Needs A Champion

3. TED Talk by Shane Koyczan: To this day… For the bullied and beautiful

Every action in childhood leaves a profound memory, be it love or hate, and in this talk, bullying. Shane Koyczan, a Canadian poet and a spoken word artist from Penticton, talks about how children are pressured and aims to highlight the deep and long-term impact of bullying in this talk. Koyczan shared his own story and his own pain. He insists on not brushing off bullying as a minor issue but also hopes for the kids to see beauty in being who they are.

He says “If you don’t think you’re beautiful, find a better mirror”. He motivates individuals to be who they are and to not let other people define who they want to be.

Check out the video here: To This Day…For The Bullied And Beautiful

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4. TED Talk by Jennifer Senior: For Parents, Happiness Is A Very High Bar

As I said earlier, parenting can be overwhelming. But here Writer and All Joy and No Fun author Jennifer Senior call it “a giant, candy-colored monument to our collective panic”. How every parent is focused on achieving happiness for their children and how that aim only is one that causes stress more than anything else.

Jennifer insists parents focus on building achievable aims for their children. Instead of finding happiness for them, she told the parents to guide them for morals and ethics, which will allow children to find happiness in this world for themselves. 

She urges; “In our desperate quest to create happy kids, we may be assuming the wrong moral burden. It strikes me as a better goal–and, dare I say, a more virtuous one–to focus on making productive kids and moral kids.”. J

Check out the video here: For Parents, Happiness Is A Very High Bar

5. TED Talk by Kris Prochaska: How To Get Your Kids To Listen and Engage

8 Inspirational TED Talks For Parenting
Must Watch Ted Talks For Parents

Engagement is the key. In this TED Talk parenting, Kris Prochaska discusses how we can change the way we talk with our kids and bring them more into the conversation.

Formerly a psychotherapist, Kris tells us her real-life experience about how giving mindless answers to children gets no results and doesn’t benefit anyone. She explains why having a good, reasonable conversation with a child can benefit their performance. Children need our guidance, but she insists on seeing our kids as equals and engaging them in our conversation to make them listen to us.

Check out the video here: How To Get Your Kids To Listen and Engage

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6. TED Talk by Bruce Feiler: Agile programming–for your family

 “Research backs this up: Children who plan their own goals, set weekly schedules, and evaluate their own work build up their frontal cortex and take more control over their lives,” suggests Bruce Feiler, author of The Secrets of Happy Families.

Feiler introduces family practices that encourage flexibility, and accountability. You can significantly improve the quality of family life and increase happiness by introducing agile programming so that everyone gets constant feedback and stays accountable for their actions. Enlist your children in their own upbringing, giving them guidance for independence.

Check out the video here: Agile programming–for your family

7. TED Talk by Roberto D’Angelo & Francesca Fedeli: In Our Baby’s Illness, A Life Lesson

This TED Talk is a must-watch for those parents who are going through their child’s health issues. In this talk In a moving talk, the co-founders of show how they changed their lives to help Mario make progress. The most difficult phase in a parent’s life is when their child is going through some physical or mental difficulties. This talk is a great inspiration about acceptance and how important is to make your child happy rather than fix him/her.


Check out the video here: In Our Baby’s Illness, A Life Lesson

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8. TED Talk by Katherine Wintsch: Unmasking Motherhood 

 But, that’s the way dragons work. They convince you that nobody wants to hear your busted-up sob story and that it’s best to just shut your mouth, put your big girl pants on, and solve your damn problems yourself. — Katherine Wintsch

Katherine Wintsch, the founder of the consultancy the Mom Complex, advises major corporations on what mothers really need in order to create better products and services that make mother’s lives easier.  Katherine shares how she learned to let go of people-pleasing and mommy guilt, and instead got curious, learned to love herself, and designed a life that fulfills her. She insists every mom “slay like a mother and overcome self-doubt”.

Check out the video here: Unmasking Motherhood 

These 8 Inspirational TED Talks for parenting will help to overcome the challenging phase of parenthood. Let us know which one of the TED Talks for parents was your favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What parenting means?

Parenting is the act of raising children and providing them with support and comfort so that they can grow up to be responsible and healthy adults.

Why good parenting is important?

First and foremost, good parenting is important for a healthy parent-child relationship. It promotes the child’s mental and emotional development and helps them to exhibit confident social behaviors and better academic skills.

How can you tell if your parents hate you?

If your parent or family member is constantly putting you down, that’s evidence enough that they don’t like you. Some other signs could be that they don’t respect your boundaries, physically abuse you, or consistently manipulate you.

Inspirational TED Talks For Parents pin
8 Best TED Talks For Parents On How To Raise Successful Kids
Inspirational TED Talks pin
8 Best TED Talks For Parents On How To Raise Successful Kids
Inspirational TED Talks For Parents pin

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