Soul Revival: 6 Ways To Discover Your Purpose In Life

Soul Revival: 6 Ways To Discover Your Purpose In Life

Ways To Discover Your Purpose In Life

Humankind is being led along an evolving course,
through this migration of intelligence,
and though we seem to be sleeping,
there is an inner wakefulness
that directs the dream,
and that will eventually startle us back
to the truth of who we are. ~ Rumi(The Essential Rumi)

There’s a thin veil between our conscious Self and our Souls that over time thickens until we forget it ever existed. In doing so, we forget about the treasures, gifts and personal purpose that awaits us.

Many people out there are conditioned since birth to receive guidance from their societies which teach them to set ambitious goals and lofty dreams of power, prestige and wealth. But, when they reach their dying breaths they realize that all of their efforts were soulless and futile.

But, there are also some people out there who remember a time when the veil obscuring the soul didn’t exist, and these people spend much of their life journeys crossing the borders of the ordinary world into the extraordinary, eternal mystery.

Through Soul Revival these people encounter many ecstatic and joyous discoveries, but also many terrifying unhealed wounds, and even saddening discoveries of anger, guilt, or resentfulness they had been carrying around all along.

However, it is through this process of Soul Revival that they discover their true meaning in life.

Are you unable to figure out how to find the purpose in life?

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As humans, we face an unusual dilemma that other sentient beings don’t experience: the duality of being self-reflective, that is, of having a conscious self (or ego), and a driving force that is the personal unconscious self (or Soul).

By conscious self, I mean that we all possess a sense of identity, a story, and a personality. By Soul, I mean our vital, mysterious and wild unique essence that goes beyond our personalities. This unique essence within us is the rawest center of our beings.

Everything in existence has its own Soul; the vibrant dancing of the wind, the busy and determined ant colonies, the temperamental ocean, the old majestic trees. The universe itself has a Soul which animates everything and decides the unique way all the atoms are arranged. The source of all Souls is what we call Spirit.

Do you want to unfold and find a purpose in life? Here’s out to do it.

While most beings easily fulfill their Soul purpose, we as human beings struggle because of the division between our egos/selves and our Souls. It is our ego’s job to create order and structure out of the chaos that it perceives in order to survive. Because of this, our egos fear directly experiencing Soul, because Soul is completely free, unstructured, and unhindered. The ego needs to believe the absolutist idea that there is only “me.” If there is a Soul that can be experienced, this means that our egos have to question their own existence as the absolute and only Self.

This is why using Soul Revival to discover our deepest Soul purpose can be so difficult. Even if our conscious self is willing to attempt to experience Soul, our egos must temporarily detach themselves(what some call an ego death) from the very identity they believe defines them; the foundation of everything they know. This is kind of like standing on a carpet and then trying to pull the carpet from underneath your own feet.

Even if our conscious self might be unhappy … at least it’s familiar unhappiness. Ultimately the fear of the unknown gets in the way of our ability to experience and embody Soulfully. Deep down we fear that trading our unhappiness for something unknown and unexperienced could destroy us. This is why so many people are unwilling to give up jobs that they hate in order to make money doing what they love: fear. Fear of living on the streets, fear of loneliness, fear of losing friends.

This is why spontaneous Soul Revival experiences that drastically change our lives often occur after traumatizing events such as a near-death experience, or severe illness. But this is not the only way we can experience Soul Revival.


Soul Revival is not just an altered state of consciousness or a glimpse of the divine and sacred. It’s also a deeply life-changing moment often accompanied with a new understanding of who we are.

Soul Revivals are accompanied by the depth of understanding of a mystical experience, but they also bring a personal message for us to uncover.

This personal message might contain why you were born, what your spiritual calling is, what gift you’re meant to share with the world, past life memories, and many other possibilities.

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