10 Signs You Are In a Fantasy Relationship and Not A Real One


Signs You Are In a Fantasy Relationship

Love. This one word alone has the potential to evoke a thousand feelings in you, and it is something that everyone is looking for in their lives. Love truly makes the world go round. In the walk of life, you will come across different kinds of love and relationships, one of the most interesting ones is fantasy relationships. Yes, you heard that right. Fantasy relationships do exist.

A fantasy relationship is a one-sided relationship where one person develops feelings for the other person and obsesses over being in a romantic relationship with them. Also known as limerence, it includes constantly daydreaming and fantasizing about their object of attraction. 

Here Are 10 Signs You Are In A Fantasy Relationship And Not A Real One

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1. Daydreaming about them all day, every day.

Even if you are not in a relationship with the person you are attracted to, you will find yourself constantly imagining scenarios where both of you are together and happy, and where they are head over heels in love with you. You will dream of a happy and perfect future with them, and you will keep on dreaming about everything that you might have seen in romance movies or read in romance novels.

Daydreaming and fantasizing about the person you are attracted to, becomes a habit. You will conjure up all sorts of fictional and romantic situations in your head, where they are hopelessly and madly in love with you, and you are the center of their universe.

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2. Displaying physical symptoms of nervousness.

If you are in a fantasy relationship, you will experience physical symptoms, like having anxiety or feeling jittery when you are waiting for their calls and texts. You get really tensed up and start thinking about bad scenarios whenever they don’t call or might not reply to your text the way you had expected them to.

You might feel extremely nervous and start sweating before talking to them, and constantly rehearse what you are going to say. Moreover, if you are with them or close to them you might feel dizzy or faint. All these physical symptoms points towards you living a dream relationship.

3. You are the ‘hero’ in the ‘relationship’.

When you fantasize about the person you like, those fantasies tend to have a common element – you are the hero who always saves them from all their problems, including any dangerous situations they might be in. As a result of which, they fall in love with you instantly, and never let you go. This kind of heroic tendency sometimes spills on to your real life as well, with you feeling extremely protective of them.

You always want to look out for them and are always feeling anxious about their safety. You might have good intentions, but this kind of thinking is not really healthy, especially from a psychological standpoint.

4. Stalking becomes a possibility.

When in a fantasy relationship, the attraction you feel for the other person is very potent. You find it very difficult to stay away from them. So, you find ways to be nearer or closer to them by dropping at places, which they regularly visit, or frequently pass by their homes, just to catch a glimpse of them.

For example, you will ‘bump’ into them at their favorite coffee shop, and pretend that it is just a fortunate coincidence. However, make sure that you don’t come across as a stalker because that is extremely creepy and might give them the wrong idea about you. Stalking is not right, in any situation, and going in that direction will only make things worse.

5. They are your ‘soulmate’.

Emotionally, you feel that they are ‘The One’ for you, and both of you are meant to be together. You feel a strong and magnetic pull towards them, which is impossible for you to ignore. Even though you hardly know each other, you are convinced that they are your soulmate. You imagine a beautiful future with them, where you see everything from rose-tinted glasses.

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6. You find them faultless.

One of the biggest signs that you are in a fantasy relationship is when you idealize them to the extent that according to you, they can never be wrong; they are perfect the way they are, and they have no flaws at all. For you, they are the perfect embodiment of human values and love. No matter what they do, or say to you, you keep on seeing them as perfect beings who can never do any wrong.

Even if they indulge in questionable activities, and hurt other people you find yourself defending them fiercely, and keep on making excuses for their behavior. For you, they are nothing short of flawless, infallible, and perfect, and nobody can make you believe otherwise.

7. Feeling jealous of anyone interested in them.

Jealousy plays a huge part when it comes to a fantasy relationship. You will notice feelings of immense jealousy when other people feel attracted to them. The fact that the person you are attracted to can be attracted to someone else other than you, is unfathomable. You feel a lot of rage and anger within yourself, even thinking about them being with someone else other than you.

You just cannot imagine them with somebody else. There is no real commitment between you two, but you feel a certain sense of loyalty towards them, which makes you also reject the people who might be potentially interested in you. You have eyes for them and only them.

8. Constantly looking for clues.

You constantly try to read between the lines, when it comes to your fantasy relationship. Trying to find hidden meanings in everything they say or do, becomes like second nature to you, and you can do this all day.

Looking for clues and evidence that they also like you is something that takes up most of your time, as you desperately search for a glimmer of hope that you might have a future with them after all. This sometimes makes you obsessive and you can’t stop thinking about them, no matter how much you might try to distract yourself.

9. Experiencing ‘withdrawal’ symptoms.

If by any chance, they withdraw from you or stop talking to you, you fall into a deep depression. Since you have never imagined a life without them, you feel completely lost and empty. You keep on thinking about what went wrong, and why the ‘situation’ changed, and no matter how much you try to convince yourself to move on, you can’t.

You start experiencing extreme mood swings, like feeling euphoric when you are with them, and extremely down and depressed, if they ignore you or reject you. This kind of feeling is similar to what a drug addict feels when they go through withdrawal; being in a relationship like this is nothing short of being dependent on a drug.

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10. You just cannot accept the ‘breakup’.

In case your ‘relationship’ ends, you constantly pine for them and look for ways to get them back in your life. You feel an overwhelming and painful bond with them and look for ways to get their approval, attention, and affection, in any way you can. Imagining a life without them is extremely painful for you, and you cannot bring yourself to accept this fact.

You try to forget them, but you can’t. You try to immerse yourself in something else, but you can’t. Your mind constantly goes back to them, looking for ‘answers’, which deep down inside you know you will never get.

Being in a fantasy relationship will bring you nothing more than pain and disappointment. If you are really lucky, and the person you are attracted to ends up reciprocating your feelings, then amazing! But in case that does not happen, you need to try and move on from this. Living in a world of fantasy will not help you find the love you deserve to have in your life. Be patient because your Prince Charming is just around the corner, waiting for you!

10 Signs You Are In A Fantasy Relationship, And Not A Real One
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