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15 Signs He’s Not The Right Man For You

15 Signs He’s Not The Right Man For You

Is he the right man for you?

Who does not want to find Mr. Right and live happily ever after? Every woman wants to be treated well and feel safe in her relationship. Let’s say that you are with someone or you are thinking about carrying your relationship to the next level. Before you take that next step, stop and think about if he indeed is the right man for you and if you think he is not, what kind of signs would give it away?

Here are 15 of them that will easily help you identify Mr. Wrong.

15 Signs He’s Not The Right Man For You
15 Signs He’s Not The Right Man For You

1. His ego keeps getting in the way

You know because, he knows better, right? Not! A man who constantly points out your negative side, while puffing himself up or one who fails to appreciate your efforts and thinks that he is better than you, is definitely not the one.

Do you really need this kind of ego in a healthy relationship? No, it certainly does not belong there. You need someone who will show you support. If he can not give you this security, he might not be the right one for you.

2. You don’t trust him

Maybe you caught him in a few lies but you were hoping they were just little lies and nothing to worry about. Actually you are wrong. The right person would have no problem communicating with you even the hardest things and deepest secrets. If he thinks he needs to keep a part of his life separated and hidden from you, then he does not respect you enough to share everything with you and take down his mask to show his true face to you.

3. That soul connection… where is it?

When you are really in love with someone, you feel a deep connection to them and they feel the same for you. It is like looking at each other’s eyes and communicating without words, being able to read each other’s body language and feeling safe enough to share your deepest thoughts and feelings. Quite simply you have that soul connection and It is a great feeling! It’s something you would notice naturally but if you feel like you are trying to force it, then chances are, you are forcing it.

4. You bring out the worst in each other (mirroring)

Sometimes, there is an incredible physical attraction, and you are perfect in so many ways, but in many other ways, you are out to destroy each other whether intentionally or unintentionally. You treat each other in ways you would not expect yourself to treat someone else, or accept the same treatment from someone else, yet it happens with this person. Unless you are really determined to get to the bottom of it by exploring your own emotional wounds and healing them chances are, you are subjecting yourself to more damage than good, psychologically speaking.

5. You don’t respect each other

We are expecting a certain kind of respect from a man but when it comes to us extending the same respect in return, how good are we? Before blaming the other party completely, let’s also take a look into ourselves and find out, why we treat this person the way we do or why do we tolerate the kind of disrespect he shows us? If there is no respect, there is no relationship because love can only go so far.

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6. You’ve weighed it out and there are one too many things to change.

If you are feeling this way about a man, it means one thing: you are running after an idea of someone or an image of someone, not the actual person. There are things you need in your life, and you think this man can fulfill this void by changing a few things about himself. However, remind yourself that, just as you should not change a thing for anyone, you should also not expect or demand it from someone else either. Face the music and move on.

7. The little things are missing

Some men are romantic and some aren’t. When we say comfort we do not talk about a romance thing but more like a warm hug that feels sincere and safe, or a soft touch telling you to not worry. When you feel down, maybe a cup of tea he will make for you, all these little things. If you need him, and he turns around and walks away to be somewhere else rather than be with you, dump him already!

8. Your raging fire has burned down to ash, what happened to the spark?

Maybe there are things you like about him that shows he is a nice man and has good qualities about himself, but that burning feeling you should feel inside that makes you shiver is not there. Physical harmony and connection are really two very important things in order to enjoy a satisfying relationship.

9. He’s just not that into you

Maybe you do a lot of things together and spend time loving fun activities. But when you look at his eyes, you do not see the sparkle. You feel like he does not desire you and sees you in a different way than a partner for whom he has passion and desire. If the source of fire isn’t there, you can’t really ignite it.

10. Your gut feeling tells you something is off.

And please, please, please… listen to it. Do some research about him if you have to just to prove that you are not acting foolish or ignoring your intuition. But if something doesn’t sit well, we often feel it. Most of us do.

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11. You’re not your true authentic self around him

Going back to him criticizing you or judging you too much, what do you do in return? You crawl back into your shell and hide your true self from him. You are starting to wear a mask. But why do you think you should invest time in someone who does not care about appreciating and accepting you for who you really are? If you have to act uncomfortable or you have to walk on your tippy-toes around him or eggshells for lack of a better word, then he is not the right guy for you.

12. He doesn’t mesh well

Sometimes when we are blinded by the love we fail to see the flaws of a person but people who are close to us are in a better position to observe the situation. Listen to your friends. But sometimes, your guy does not like your friends because he feels threatened by them and he tells you that your friends are not fit for you, they are small-minded and they do not want to see you happy, so you should hang out with his friends. Beware beware beware… the controlling man right in front of you. Please resist his power and do not give in.

13. He’s all about himself.

It is always about him, what he wants, how he feels, where he wants to go, whom he wants to hang out with… but he doesn’t even stop and ask you how you are or even if he does it is obviously half-hearted he is not really interested in listening. You can do better than this, dump the selfish man and you will see that the real Mr.Right will make you feel wanted and cared for and he will give you his time without being begged for it.

14. You make more of an effort than he does.

Sometimes some people just do not want to face the facts and they expect other people to find solutions to all problems, or they want the other party to handle everything. You dig deep when there is a problem, you initiate the conversation, you are ready to listen to him but he shuts you down or not being as cooperative as he should. This is a bad sign. You are dating a sponge technically.

15. You imagine your life without him (fantasizing)

Yes, you do. And there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you miss your freedom and you miss how your life was before him. You are in desperate need of finding yourself and rediscovering your life.

15 Signs He’s Not The Right Man For You

15 Signs He’s Not The Right Man For You15 Signs He’s Not The Right Man For You

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