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6 Signs You Are in A Fake Relationship


5) You don’t know much about each other.

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If you share an honest bond with your partner, you would be keen to know about partner’s family and friends. If you want a future together that you would be interested in knowing your partner’s close ones.

It is only when the relationship does not matter to you and you know that it would probably not last long enough, that you do not show much interest in learning about your partner’s friends. It is applicable in case your partner as well. It can only mean that he does not want to get too involved with you it does not introduce you to his parents or friends.


6) Sex is the only thing that keeps you together.

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You have wonderful sex but there is nothing else that gives you much excitement from the relationship. Being physical is the only way you guys can maintain your bonding.

If you can find no real trust, passion, care et cetera in the relationship then it’s very likely that you are not really attached to one another. Many guys nowadays get into relationships only to go into the bed.

In the beginning, he might flirt with you, make you feel like you are the center of his universe but in reality, all they want is to get laid.

But obviously, all guys are not like that and there are ones who are really truthful and honest.

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6 Signs You Are in A Fake Relationship

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