Secrets and Hidden Things About Each Zodiac’s Personality

Secrets and Hidden Things About Each Zodiac's Personality

Secret and hidden things about your personality

Is Aries really that aggressive and insensitive? Is Leo that brave? Is Capricorn so emotionally distant? I beg to disagree. These stereotypes are far from true and the more you learn and study astrology the more you will understand the lie! The Secrets of Zodiac Signs are about to be revealed.

The secret about the Personality of the Zodiac Signs

What we see is not – always – what is real and this applies to Astrology and the Zodiac Signs too. Here I will briefly guide to an interesting journey trying to discover the true nature of Zodiac Sign. Are you ready to know the Truth about you?

The listing below the secret hidden personality of each zodiac sign

1. Aries

What you actually see when Aries is trying to assert his/her dominance is an urgent call for validation and approval from you. They need reassurance because deep down in them lies a very romantic and sensitive nature.  They really CAN be a mighty knight or a dazzling princess once you” ve managed to boost their enthusiasm and confidence. They can even give their lives trying to defend the ones they love but they really really need your positive feedback. They need to be loved and appreciated!

2. Taurus

Do you know why they are so insanely stubborn? Do you know why they will -almost- never change their minds? It”s because they really feel so lonely inside. That”s probably due to some experiences during childhood when they felt that all they’ve got is themselves. Taurus is full of power because they never depend on anyone else. This also explains their selfish deeds but trust me. When they do say “I Love you” they really mean it, although it is hard to see it most of the time.

3. Gemini

Ever moving, ever thinking, ever trying to do something different… this really can push others to their limits especially when it comes to long-term relationships. A typical Gemini seems disorientated – if not lost! This is because when they tried to be stable was the time they ended up being really hurt. Their unbearable mood swings date back to the time they thought they’ve figured out everything and unfortunately they haven”t had. They cannot forgive themselves for acting foolishly and this is a painful scar.

4. Cancer

Playing the Victim is what makes them so cute but also irritating sometimes. Their vast, deep ocean of emotions is hard to stay unnoticed but there”s a perfectly good reason for it. They play the “blame game” only to delay the harsh judgment from themselves. They are extremely clever yet they always try to avoid “coming clean” because they are extremely hard with their decisions and choices and they got such a great memory that doesn’t help the healing process.

5. Leo

The first time you meet a Leo you may feel dazzled by their noble appearance, their confident way of walking and the way they establish their dominant presence. Smoke and mirrors. A typical Leo is really sensitive and trying to hide the depth of their emotions. They secretly blame themselves when something goes wrong although they might never say it out loud. They really want to help as their truly generous nature pushes them to, yet most of the time they feel that they have failed you and most importantly themselves. This explains the typical “diva” attitude.

6. Virgo

Solid, stable and practical they always tend to analyze what is going on, judging and criticizing all. The truth is that they feel bound to the misery of the world trying to fix whatever they can. Deep down they don”t really want to become more successful in whatever they do but they really want to break free and live an adventurous life. They are just too scared to do it as they failed to feel independent. A true Virgo wants to spread his/her wings and fly in the blue sky.

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