Why Your Relationship Lacks Romance: 5 Reasons

reasons why your relationship lacks romance

Every relationship needs even a little bit of romance to survive. After all, romance is the essence of every relationship, isn’t it? You show your appreciation towards your partner through romance, you show your love to your partner through romance, and most importantly, you make each other feel special by being romantic.

But, there are some couples out there whose relationship doesn’t have any romance in it at all, or the romance has decayed over time. Do you think your relationship is one of them?

Romance doesn’t always mean flowers, chocolates, and candlelight dinners; sometimes it’s much more than that. Being romantic means trying to make your partner feel that they are the only one for you. It is also making them feel good about themselves and making them feel loved and protected. So, if you feel that your relationship is seriously unromantic, then maybe it is high time that you take a deep look into it and try to search for the probable reasons.

Here Are 5 Reasons Your Relationship Doesn’t Have Any Romance In It

1. Bitterness And Resentment Have Built Up Over Time. 

One of the biggest reasons your relationship doesn’t have any romance in it might be due to the fact that one of you or both of you have a lot of resentment and anger towards the other. The fact that you are holding on to it, is coming in the way of showing that love and romance you feel for each other.

If you are able to understand and recognize that this is indeed the case, then you need to give an effort to trace it back to the cause. Did something happen in the past, that hurt you or your partner a lot? Did you not resolve any major conflict that is still festering inside you or both of you?

The first thing both of you need to do is to try and move on from whatever is holding you and your relationship back. It is important that you resolve all the issues plaguing the relationship and let the past be in the past. Focusing on your present is much more important than focusing on your past. Talk to each other about your problems and look for a solution together. As long as you work together, you will be able to overcome any issue that might crop up.

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2. Boredom Has Set In. 

Sometimes, there comes a point in romantic relationships, when you might feel that the romance is gone and it has become a bit boring. When you are with someone for a very long time, you grow with each other, mature with each other, and since you get used to each other, the romance part ends up taking a backseat. Both of you get so busy with your hectic lives that you might not even realize that the romance is not there anymore.

If this is the case with you, then don’t worry. This might seem difficult to get over from, but not impossible. You just need to find your way back to each other. Try to find the time and do all those things that both of you used to do at the beginning of your relationship. Find ways to make each other feel special. And most importantly, always say how much you love them and how glad you are that you have them in your life.

when your relationship lacks romance
Why Your Relationship Lacks Romance: 5 Reasons

3. Both Of You Have Conflicting Views On Romance. 

If your relationship doesn’t have any romance in it, then one of the reasons might be that both you and your partner have opposing definitions of romance and love. Before you start worrying about this too much and start thinking that you are not meant for each other, know that this is extremely common. Every person is not the same, and the same might hold true for you and your partner. 

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