Why Readers Are The Best People To Fall In Love With: Science-Backed Reasons

Readers Best People Fall In Love

Are you a book worm? Do people tease you for being an avid reader? Or assume that your the boring person to be with? Well, you’ve got good news! Science confirms that readers are the best people to fall in love with. 


Reading not only builds your vocabulary but boosts your ability to communicate effectively, be it friends or strangers. Every time you read a new book, article or blog or anything, you grasp new information that adds to your knowledge.

And, knowledge is the best gift ever because no one can ever snatch it from you.

The deep knowledge and wisdom from reading help you judge others easily. It’s not at all tough for you to perceive the intentions and emotions of other people.

Reading is like a workout for your brain. Those who read a lot can brainstorm and solve their problems easily. The more you feed your brain with different types of data, the better-equipped you are to tackle any challenges. Even if you have to step out of your comfort zone, you can do so with confidence.

Also, there are various brain benefits of reading backed by science:

  • Improve brain connectivity
  • Enhance memory
  • Reduce stress
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate 
  • Prevent cognitive decline 
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Boost empathy 
  • Fight depression symptoms 
  • Improves analytical thinking skills
  • Improves focus and concentration

Over years researchers have studied the characters of readers and came up with mindblowing conclusions. 

In 2006 and 2009 studies published by Psychologist Raymond Mar and Keith Oatley, a professor of cognitive psychology respectively, readers of fiction were found to be more empathetic. They have the ability to appreciate the interests, beliefs and opinions of other people while keeping their own beliefs intact.

When you read about diverse topics, your mind gets exposed to varied situations, emotions, characters of life. Therefore readers tend to have a deeper understanding of life. They evolve to be wise, warm-hearted and giving lovers. 

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The results of the above studies were further emphasized by another study published in 2010. According to researcher, exposure to different forms of narrative media may influence children’s development of theory-of-mind. Reading fiction helps them gain knowledge of the social world and possibly draws upon theory-of-mind processes during comprehension, exposure to storybooks, movies, and television may influence theory-of-mind development.

When reading, a person is transformed into a new world and meets characters of different shades sketched by the authors. The reader learns about joys, sorrows, anguish, pain, challenges, victories, losses and various aspects of life.

Reading is an exercise where you leave your body and see the world through the authors’ frames of reference. Hence, an avid reader gains a solid awareness of all the good and bad things in the world. A reader exposed to vast literature has a rich mind and bigger and wider outlook to the outside world. Reading moulds you and adds to your character.

Children who read more always have edge over those who don’t. They are truly wiser, more adaptable and understanding.

In words of Anne E. Cunningham, author of  “What Reading Does For The Mind” by Anne E. Cunningham of the University of California, Berkeley, reading provides a vocabulary lesson that children could never attain by schooling.

This is why readers are the best person to fall in love with. 

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What more?

They talk honestly about their feelings

Reading expands vocabulary, which makes a person well-spoken and knowledgeable. That gives an enormous boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem. Thus, readers can talk in an engaging way expressed in rich vocabulary with captivating expressions. Having higher cognitive function when compared to an average non-readers, they will communicate more thoroughly and effectively.

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