5 Psychological Tricks That Evil People Use To Hurt Others

psychological tricks that evil people use hurt others

4. Displacement Of Responsibility.

When it comes to the displacement of responsibility, evil people can really make sure that they are never held accountable for their actions, no matter how horrible they might be. Whenever they are called out on their actions, they are quick to put the blame on someone else by saying things like, “I did what I was asked to do!” or “I never wanted to do this, I was ordered to!”. Get the gist?

By displacing their responsibility, they quickly diffuse and minimize the part they played in it, and brainwash others to see them as the epitome of innocence. They have done the heinous deed, they are the ones who got their hands dirty, and they are the ones who were caught red-handed, but when it comes to taking responsibility, they immediately pin it on someone else and portray themselves as the hapless victim who simply did what they were “forced” to do.

toxic people love to hurt others
5 Psychological Tricks That Evil People Use To Hurt Others

5. Dehumanization And Depersonalization.

Dehumanization and depersonalization are two of the worst and most heinous things you can do to someone. These two psychological mechanisms’ main motive is to treat and regard someone as not human, which makes it easy for the wrongdoer to inflict pain on them.

Dehumanization is when evil people do not consider their victims as human and go on to torment them because they firmly believe that the victim is not deserving of their respect, and hence can be hurt over and over again. Toxic people justify their violence against such victims by convincing themselves that what they are doing is not just right, but necessary. Case in point, Hitler and his hatred towards Jews, which ultimately led to the deadly Holocaust.

Depersonalization is when you feel completely disconnected from a fellow human being, and regard them as someone who doesn’t have any feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Not only are they regarded as non-human, but they are also deprived of their human and moral rights; they are simply regarded as an object to be played and tormented with, as per the culprit’s wishes.

Dehumanization and depersonalization are probably two of the most horrible and worst ways to hurt others because the moment you stop seeing someone as a living, breathing, and feeling individual and use that as an excuse to cause them pain, you are too far gone from the threshold of humanity.

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So as you can see, the need to hurt others and cause pain to them is most of the time because of cognitive processes and psychological mechanisms. But that can never discount the fact that hurting others is horrible and wrong in every way, no matter what the reason might be. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments down below!

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5 Psychological Tricks That Evil People Use To Hurt Others
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5 Psychological Tricks That Evil People Use To Hurt Others
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