For All The People Who Are No Longer Close With Their Special Ones

For All The People Who Are No Longer Close With Their Special Ones

Life is about triumphs and the trials; every experience in life is to be equally enjoyed. At the end of the day what matters is your happiness; happiness not only comes from accepting love but also by giving love.

There were many people who used to be close to me and then we never spoke again. There were many feelings I shared with them and then they left.

Mind is but a beautiful organ which functions erratic quite often. It fills you up with a feeling of incompleteness when someone you love leaves you for a reason or abruptly, a sense of loss hovers around your mind.

The vicious cycle of ill feelings finds its trigger in that experience. It feeds upon your ego, it makes you feel powerless. It makes you feel that how worthless were the ones whom you shared your feelings with, sometimes you develop self-sabotaging tendencies.

One should never forget that the trajectory of one’s life is decided not by whims and fancies of their mind, but by the choices they make for themselves. I chose to turn around the feeling altogether. I chose to love myself, my hobbies, and my passions instead (therefore I am writing). I diffused the romance in all the directions in my life and looked for things which made me happy.

Feeling bad/sorry/painful/miserable is a cakewalk, isn’t it? Blaming someone is easier as well. What takes real effort is to transform the cuddled milk into cheese.

Transformation takes time and courage, and it’s worth it. You evolve with time. You become vulnerable to life. The ones who used to be with you and aren’t with you now, they are also transforming. Their lives is equally turbulent, let go. Choose the sadness associated with it, choose that grief. Choose that the person whom you were so close with, will no more be with you. Honor this vacuum, honor this space. This space gives you a base to unfold your true nature; it provides you a substratum to deepen your roots. The way to your happiness is through this pain.

The river parable is one of the best known of the Buddha’s many parables and similes.

Buddha and his disciples halt by a river bank. He gives his disciple a task i.e. to take bath in the same river twice. After taking bath, his disciple comes to him happily. To this Buddha says – the river water changes every moment, how can you take bath in the same river twice? Life is momentary, but the progress is so fast that it gives us an illusion of unity. Life is a moment; this moment is your life! Are you present to what you are doing right now? Meditate upon every action; you will notice the simplicity in things around you.

The biggest gift in life is love. Feel happy that the ones who used to be with you and whom you speak no more to loved you for who you are. If your mind gets filled with vengeance, tell your mind that you are absolute, whole and complete. Look around in your life; you already have so much love. If you don’t find love, create it. Do not wait for someone to give it to you, love yourself in thick and thin, in pain and pleasure, in sun and moon. Be a source of love. Give love and receive love for all you need is love!

The ones who left you for whatsoever reason are fighting battles within themselves, so are you. They crossed your path for a reason, rather than considering it as an ill-fate learn from the experience and move on.

Life echoes to you the way you want it to echo. Love is the answer to your turbulence, create it for yourself. Hold grudges and you keep complaining throughout. Set them free, that’s how you set yourself free!

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