Medical Astrology: Your Body’s Weak Spot as per Planetary Influences


7. Libra

The seventh sign of the Zodiac governs the Kidneys and the Water balance in your body. It also governs the Skin and all the Glands of the body.

If you are Libra or you got major planets in Libra, your constant need to feel and achieve balance can cause headaches and anxiety disorder. All these symptoms might also be caused by your tendency to make peace with diverse tensions in your psyche.

Allergies and skin disorders are also very common in Libra as they are results of your emotional turbulence.

Music may be the key to unlocking yourself and your repressed soul which longs for beauty and harmony. Yoga and energy-powering activities can benefit your body functions as well as your emotions helping you avoid depression too.

8. Scorpio

The eighth sign of the Zodiac governs the Genitals, the Bladder (along with Libra) as well as the Prostate gland.

If you are Scorpio or you got major planets in Scorpio then you are probably prone for longevity as your strong Plutonian structure helps you endure nearly every difficulty life may give you. On the other hand, Scorpio has such a sensitive side that only a few can understand – sometimes not even themselves. Throat issues may also occur due to their inability to express their emotions in the right way.

Stressful situations that require rebirth from their ashes and deep emotional scars – almost always from your childhood – may affect your reproductive system as well as your ultimate power – your libido.

Scorpio’s rough life-force should always be directed in a more productive way and not be repressed because if that happens self-destructive situations may begin. Your competitive nature will find it’s bliss in Sports while your body will enjoy good cardio.

9. Sagittarius

The ninth sign of the Zodiac governs the Liver, the Hips, and the Thighs.

If you are Sagittarius or you got significant planets in Sagittarius then your positive attitude towards life helps you maintain satisfying health status. Jupiter’s positive touch of enthusiasm and optimism rarely gets you into trouble and the problems almost always begin when you lose faith in your Heavenly Father (Jupiter) or you exaggerate with enthusiasm. Accidents (when you drive a vehicle or in sports) are very common in the lives of each Sagittarius.

Try always to keep your positive side but always take into consideration the safety instructions of everything you do.

Although you are very capable of coping with nearly everything, you should pay much attention when you mess with things or situations that can hurt you – physically or not. The liver is very essential to metabolism and you are almost always gain weight near your thighs, something you have to take care of as your liver may acquire fatty infiltration. Exercise and keep your optimism.

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10. Capricorn

The tenth sign of the Zodiac governs the Bones, the Joints (especially the area near the Knees), and the whole Skeletal system (including the Teeth as well).

If you are Capricorn or you got significant planets in Capricorn then you are probably blessed with a very tough body that can endure nearly everything. The Achilles’ heel of you guys is depression which can cause many upside-down in your life AND of course your body due to the serotonin disorder – try to relax regularly.

Exercising is so essential to you! You should right now consider how to put regular work-out plans in your daily schedule – if your face health issues ask your medical doctor to guide you through a personalized workout.

Your competitive nature calms during sports and your hormones balance better. A diet high in Calcium (unless you are advised otherwise by your M.D.) is often a very important factor of your wellbeing as orthopedic issues are very common to you guys. Saturnian effect on you helps you more as you grow up improving the way you perceive your body functions.

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