A Male Brain V/s A Female Brain -10 Interesting Differences

6. Language and vocabulary

Often in a disagreement or fight, you have difficulty in understanding what new word your girl said. Your girl knows how to use words more articulately than you. Want to know the reason why?

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In the female brain, the verbal centers are located on both sides, while in the male they are located only at one side. Also in a normal conversation between a man and a woman, the man uses fewer words to narrate about a particular incident. This is also the reason why girls are more talkative than guys. Girls are good at languages for this reason as well.


7. Mathematical problems and equations

Do you remember that guy in high school, whom you went to each time to get stuck at a maths? Well, I will most definitely admit the guys in high school were better at maths than me.

And this was because the parietal lobule which is concerned with performing mathematical calculations and retention of numbers is larger in size in the male brain.


8. Territorial and ambitious

I know each time your guy goes also macho alpha on you for another guy gave you a too-large smile, you melt and swoon!

Now let’s get down to the nerdy part- The dorsal premammillary nucleus is larger in the male brain which makes them territorial and ambitious.


9. Emotional sensitivity

The woman is a storehouse of emotions. She is not only emotionally equipped to handle her but your emotions as well.

The females can employ both logic and emotion while doing everyday tasks. Also, you would see she is more perceptive and receptive to emotions. This because the blood circulation in the female brain is more.


10. Lie detectors

Ah yes, I know you cannot lie to your wife because she is such a good lie detector! The reason she knows every time you lie on her face because she is a good face reader. A female brain observes the facial expression, body language and the words that come from the mouth. That’s why they are so good!

Now that you know where each of your sexes stands, put your brains to gear!
Happy braining!

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