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How To Disarm The Narcissist

How To Disarm The Narcissist

How To Disarm The Narcissist ?
Step 1: Break all forms of communication.
Create modified or no contact so that you have the space to progress.

Step 2: Heal beyond the emotional connection.
Release the trauma from your being, and heal the parts of you that require healing to wholeness.

Step 3: Build your inner identity create a thriver identity.
This new identity of a true self is a place where narcissists don’t play. You yin, they yang they exist in a completely different vibrational universe.

Step 4: Connect to the true source.
This is our true connection or true sustenance which releases us into knowing at the deepest level of our being that we are adored and nourished beyond measure simply because we exist.

Step 5: Generate your own life.
Expand as life-force itself.
Melanle Tonla Evans