How To Achieve Inner Peace When Life Is So Uncertain

How To Achieve Inner Peace When Life Is So Uncertain

Are you trying to achieve your inner peace? But, the uncertainties of life are creating turbulence in your mind? How can you not let outside forces disturb you?

Achieving your inner peace in today’s world is something that many strive for, but few achieve. We tell ourselves that if we practice yoga daily, we’ll achieve inner peace. Or if we do breathwork and meditation before bed, we’ll achieve inner peace.

Activating our inner peace is more complicated than that. Some believe that inner peace is achieved only through external work and effort. For example, if you wake up in a good mood, eat well, participate in things you love throughout the day, and go to bed thinking about what you are grateful for, it’s easy to believe that you have achieved inner peace. But that is not reality. Our days are not always full of positive thinking and productivity. We encounter mishaps and inconveniences that set us off, even if we started our day off with a 30-minute yoga class.

In an effort to increase our inner peace, we book a weekend retreat to center ourselves. This helps us feel at peace again, maybe for longer this time, but life inevitably happens and our inner peace is rocked once again. We may get stuck in traffic one day and our anger and frustration disrupt the peace we’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

Perhaps we’ll take it one step further and join a spiritual community where they engage with their inner peace all day long. But, people from these communities aren’t immune to inner turmoil either.

The path to inner peace is not a one size fits all approach. You may choose not to embark on the spiritual route at all, and instead, try to do everything perfectly according to society’s standards. You focus on working hard, paying your bills, sending your kids to college, and retiring early. Life seems great and you’re able to travel for the first time in your life. But perfectionism is also not immune to life’s inconveniences. Even though you’ve done everything you should, you may still experience heartbreak, a medical scare, or lose a loved one.

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So how do we achieve inner peace when life is so uncertain?

Let’s use an example to explore this further. Have you ever visited a lake on a very still day, and the water is so calm and crystal clear that you’re able to see the bottom? Humans are similar. At our core, we are beautiful, calm, and centred individuals. But like wind disrupting the still lake, external forces disrupt the inner peace that we have inside each of us. It’s during these times of disruption where it’s easy to forget that our inner peace is always present inside of us.

Inner Peace Comes To Those Whose Heart Remains Calm.
How To Achieve Inner Peace When Life Is So Uncertain

When we meditate, we sit with ourselves in silence and stillness. As a result, we feel peaceful because our thoughts that label what’s right or wrong all day long, are quiet. What we are left with is the silence of the inner self and the inner self is peaceful.

We conjure up a similar feeling when we go on vacation somewhere relaxing. It may take us a couple of days to adapt and appreciate our surroundings, but eventually, we grow more present and mindful. It’s during these times in life where we’re able to completely let go and rest that we realize inner peace is always with us. And once we return from vacation, we’re reminded how quickly our thoughts and external forces disrupt that peace we experienced not too long ago.

Let’s explore how we can maintain and encourage our inner peace throughout the day, even when it’s disrupted by outside forces.

Observe vs. commentate

Inner peace is with us at all times. The problem is, inner peace gets disturbed when we interact with the world. As humans, we form opinions and commentary about the things that happen to us during the day.

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