How Narcissistic Are You? Zodiac Signs RANKED From Most To Least

How Narcissistic are you, This is what your zodiac sign says

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Most of us are a little bit self-involved. It is a necessary aspect as we all need to value and love ourselves. But narcissism is taking that to the next level.

For narcissists, the whole universe revolves around them. They fully believe that they are superior to everyone else in every way possible.

It’s not easy to argue with them or even to spend time with them as friends. They have no concept of teamwork and hardly ever bother to listen to others’ opinions, even if they prove their own opinions wrong.

They crave attention and it is as necessary as breathing for them. They like to maintain a crowd of yes-men around them to fawn on them and go along with whatever they wish.

If need be, narcissists can and will manufacture drama and intrigue around them so that they will not lose their spotlights and others will continue to be interested in them.

They cannot handle or respond to any form of criticism. Narcissists often cannot see their own flaws and this often distances them from other people.

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