How to Find Peace and Quiet -The One Minute Rule

How Find Peace Quiet One Minute Rule

We live loud, chaotic, busy lives. Going, going, going all the time on the outside and noisy minds on the inside. How can we find any peace and quiet in our lives? How can we calm our inner world? It’s not easy but I found away. And if I did, you can find some peace and quiet too.

Every day I have a designated “quiet time”. It’s time by myself where I go to connect to the Love that heals. I read, pray, listen to music and speak daily affirmations. I enjoy it.

But some days my quiet time isn’t so quiet.

Some days, I have a hard time quieting myself. Thoughts racing, emotions all over the place and my body fidgety. I’ll read my daily affirmations and scriptures but be distracted by all the inner noise.

Sometimes I listen to more music to calm me and it doesn’t work.

How to Find Peace and Quiet -The One Minute Rule

How do I quiet myself to feel peaceful inside?

I read an article that inspired me to give quiet meditation a try.

I’ll explain how it works but first I need to tell you about the grace. The grace in the article is what inspired me.

I’m a task-oriented person so if I’m going to meditate then I’m gonna do it right! That’s how the oppressive perfectionist overworker in me approaches things. I’ve been known to try so hard I hurt myself – literally.

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I need grace.

  • Grace said start small with just one or two minutes.
  • Grace said to use a timer.
  • Grace said you’ll get distracted and that’s ok. It’s even normal.
  • Grace said it will take time and practice.

You’re supposed to do it every day so I decided on 2 minutes each day.

How did I do?

I failed.

I failed to remember to take 2 minutes every day even though I had it written down.

I failed to consider it a priority.

I failed to remember it worked when I did practice it.



  • Grace reminded me I had practiced the meditation half the time.
  • Grace reminded me being distracted is normal.
  • Grace reminded me I found a measure of quiet.
  • Grace said just try again.

I stopped beating myself with the perfectionist stick and tried again.

peace of mind
How to Find Peace and Quiet -The One Minute Rule

How grace led me to inner peace and quiet

Some days the inner noise is louder than others. This was one of those days.

I had a whirlwind of inner noise when I remembered the quiet meditation I was supposed to be doing daily.

It took four tries in one day but grace led me to the quiet I needed.

The first time I failed to turn the timer on. The second time my attitude was wrong. The third time was later, after trying to calm myself by pacing and quietly praying.

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The fourth time I was committed.

  • I sat myself down and put my phone on airplane mode.
  • I set the timer and did what the article taught me.
  • Sit still with eyes closed and breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.
  • Focus on the breath. When thoughts come, focus on your breath and dismiss the thoughts.

It’s hard work to empty your mind and focus on quiet.


Grace is allowing yourself to be ok with thoughts that come – just return to the breath. The goal is to develop awareness. This awareness gives us power.

Are you aware you’re tense? Notice it and breathe.

  • I noticed tingling in my body from stress. Breathe.
  • I noticed my hands on my lap were tense, tight-fisted. Breathe.
  • I moved my arms to a place they could relax better. Breathe.

Going from thought to breath is like a dance.

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