Guardian Wolf

I am running in the thick of it all.
Branches felt my face but still, I press on.
She is with me.
Keeping pace.
Staying by my side watching.
The rain pounds louder and burns my face.
Still, I run.
The mud cakes my legs.
My lungs burn icy cold.
Still, we run.
My footing is lost.
I stumble and I fall.
Hands and knees in mud,
I am suffocating on the air.
As I try to relearn how to breathe the tears come.
They fall faster like the rain all around.
I wordlessly cry out into the air.
She sits in front of me.
As I gaze into her crimson eyes,
I am reminded of the strength I carry.
I run my hand through her ashen fur,
the tears subside.
My breathing returns to normal and I rise.
She is with me.
I gaze at my guardian and smile.
I run and she keeps pace.

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