15 Good Reasons Why We All Suck At Life

Good Reasons Why We All Suck At Life

We all do shitty things that we don’t admit. Don’t we? We all try to appear well and show the best side to the world. But, sometimes we can do things that are hurtful, angry, and obnoxious.

Most of us suffer because of all the negative aspects that we carry throughout life, making it a habit, refusing to adjust or change. We have been avoiding those negative aspects of ourselves that make us suck in life. 

It’s finally time for us to be honest and admit that we suck in many ways. We don’t have to be negative but the goal is to find necessary ways to fix things about ourselves that are not so good.

So, without further ado let’s find out 15 reasons why we suck at life.

Good Reasons Why We All Suck At Life info
15 Good Reasons Why We All Suck At Life

1. Pretending to be okay, when we’re not.

We suck because we don’t know how to communicate our feelings in a direct way. We keep bottling them up unless we can’t anymore. It’s different when we’re not being able to express ourselves and different when all we do is crave attention.

There are times when we expect others to check up on us without having to tell them how we exactly feel. A Swedish proverb said, “Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half sorrow. ” Hence, we must share our sadness as well as our joys.

When we say things like, I’m fine when we’re not is denying our true feelings; we convince ourselves and others that everything is okay. Pretending that we don’t have problems, conflicts at work or home is very painful.

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2. When we don’t take climate change seriously.

How often do we talk about the environment or topics like climate change in our daily lives? We truly suck as human beings because we’re not at all concerned about climate change, which is going to affect our future generations.

No matter how selfish the world might be, climate change is real and it’s already affecting our world today. From melting ice caps to the steadily rising temperatures, we don’t even have enough clean water to drink or clean air to breathe. It’s high time, human beings need to stop thinking about profits and act as soon as possible.

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 3. We’re not spontaneous enough and stick to routines.

We love to make a routine out of things and we intend to stick to them for a long time. Routines are great, as they teach us a lot about time management that is useful to us. But, do you also know that routines are also incredibly boring when it becomes a habit?

Therefore, we suck because we don’t try to break from our routines once in a while, and we become so comfortable with routines that we don’t try to be adventurous.

But, when life gives you lemons, you just don’t make lemonade, you add a bit of tequila and make yourself a margarita, because you deserve it.

When we break the norm and do things that inspire us or make us feel alive, we’ll know that our lives aren’t as bad as we think they are.

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4. We hold on to grudges and don’t forgive.

We often hold grudges when someone we trust has wronged us or let us down. But do you know what sucks? When we don’t want to make an effort to forgive someone. Life is much easier when you acknowledge their mistakes and forgive them. You don’t have to engage with them but you can surely let them go.

It sucks that we carry around the negative and painful experiences instead of leaving them behind. 

Even if no one is really at fault, we want someone to blame for, as a coping mechanism. 

Therefore, one way to not ponder upon insignificant things is to let them go if they cause you trouble, no matter how hard it is.

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