A Message For The Girl Who Thinks She Is The Unlovable One

An open letter to the girl who thinks she is unloved.

Do you see that girl? Yes, the one who’s always smiling even in the dullest of days!

I didn’t take a name but then here you are, already with a picture of a girl in your eyes and someone’s name on your lips.

Not everyone who is hurt prefers to scream.

Even-though pain can’t be judged, the worse kind is the one in which you scream internally. Pain makes a person humble.

It teaches you how to go on, hoping it won’t be as hurtful on the other days. Maybe after a long day, when she comes home and knots up her hair in a messy bun with a loose t-shirt on, finally sits down with her phone, she realizes she doesn’t have someone asking her how her day was.

Maybe after a tiresome day at work and doing shifts, when she comes back home, she actually doesn’t have anyone to come home to.

Imagine a woman with hardly any energy left in her. Lying on the bed at 3 am, wondering if what is it that she does which makes her so unlovable. Wondering if she’s even worthy of love. That sounds hurtful. Imagine what it would be feeling like.

There’s something funny about sadness, it can hit you at any time of the day; maybe when you suddenly crave holding hands with someone.

Maybe when you suddenly want someone to hold you tight and tell you things are going to be fine. Or maybe when you just want to be told that you’re beautiful.

Strong girls are still humans, after all.

I Hope You Learn To Love Yourself

There was once a man who made her feel that she is unlovable :

There was once a man she invested her all in. She saw a future with him. Hiding emotional torture behind the vial of love, she took everything he had to offer.

She took all the mistreatment for so long that she initially started believing that this was all she truly deserved. What else could anyone do when the person you love decides on treating you miserably? She got so used to it. She took every wrong in the name of love without even making a noise. This drained her emotionally and left her wondering if true love is anything but a mere fantasy.


She loved a man who made her lose herself :

Ladies, please know that the right person will help you discover the real goddess that you are from within. A girl who once loved a man who was narcissistic lost herself in the crowd of this world.

It is very important to have a life partner who inspires you to be a better person. She loved a man who makes you feel like you’re just some random person in the crowd.

Everything became so much about him, that her goals and ambitions stop meaning anything. It was all about him, always.


She lost her sanity for him :

Every day was a new struggle for him. He made her like she was crazy and incompetent whenever she stated about things he did wrong.

He would brush off the matter every time she spoke about her problems and told her that she was over-thinking. She was called crazy by a man who drove her to be crazy.

He always tried to make it look like she wasn’t grateful enough to have him. He wanted her to treat him like a treasure while he continued you treat her like a stone lying on the pavement.


She loved her man who made living hard :

She once loved a man who never bothered to show her the bright side of life. Instead, he made her feel like life was just a tough race which she had to get through.

She stopped looking forward to the next day. She stopped doing things that made her happy because she was made to feel like a fool for even finding them interesting in the first place.

He was so determined to manipulate her emotionally into doing things that he even stopped considering her likes and dislikes.


She once loved her man who made her pay for loving him :

She fell in love with someone who made her feel like she needed to pay a certain price just because she was head over heels for him. That’s the worst that can happen to someone.

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