To All Those Friends Who Still Love Us Despite The Distance

To the friends forever

To all those friends who still love us despite the distance and even when we don’t talk to them every day….

Thank you!

Thank you for being in my life. Though now life has taken us miles apart I can still feel you next to me.

Thank you for being there in my lows to lift me up even if you had to do it through phone calls or emails.

Thank you for being the same old friends that are together though time has transformed us into grownups.

Thank you for living those same old days of wilderness when we meet again breaking all the barriers of time and distance

Thank you for the love and memories that I can cherish till I reach the grave. Thank you for the friendship that really is forever no matter what life throws our way.


Thank you for crossing oceans to meet me and thank you travelling miles to see me.

Thank you for still loving me no matter what time has transformed us into. Thank you for your faith.

Thank you for accepting my changes, for allowing me to grow and assuring me no matter what you’ll always be there for the good and the bad.

Thank you for making me feel I have a pace to go, making me feel safe knowing that wherever life takes me I can always look out for you.

Thank you for the birthday wishes at 12 am every year.

Thank you for those “what’s up?’ out of the blues.

Thank you for not letting time and distance weaken the bond.


Thank you for forgiving me for the times I was selfish and for those times I wasn’t there.

Thank you for the all things you’ve done and still do.

Thank you for being there through all my hardships, empowering me and not letting me lose it.

Thank you for keeping your doors open and thank you helping me find my way.

Without you those pages of my life would be monochrome, when I look back I see those colorful pages and we smiling and laughing. We still have many pages to fill and thank you for you will be there.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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