What Is Your Most Defining Personality Trait? QUIZ

Your Most Defining Personality Trait

Which one of your best personality traits do you think gives you an extra edge over others? Sensitivity? Ambition? Courage? Trustworthy?  Being analytical? Or anything else?
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Every person on this Earth has got something unique in him or her. We come across different people in our social setting. Some mesmerize us with empathetic skills, some inspire us to think big, some teach us how to analyse and solve problems effectively, some motivate us to fight our inner demons and move ahead in life with iron-daunted spirit and some leaves us awestruck with their sense of humor. 

We understand the differences between individuals by understanding their personality traits according to Gordon Allport and other “personologists”. Personality traits refer to a person’s characteristics patterns of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. 

These traits reflect the basic dimension on which individuals differ. A person can have a high, low or medium level of extraversion or agreeableness or conscientiousness and other dimensions or any specific trait, which becomes their defining personality trait. 

Do you know what is your most defining personality trait? 

If no, there is nothing to worry about. One can easily find what is best and worst in others but not in oneself.  Mind Journal is here to help you with another quick personality test that you need to take to discover what you don’t know about yourself. 

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Note this is a ten-item quiz and you need to answer all questions to get accurate results. Nothing personal though! Chill! The quiz is designed to know your views about happiness, friendships, your values, ethics and your way of living life. Please be spontaneous so that you can get an accurate prediction of your defining personality trait. 

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Your Most Defining Personality Trait pin
What Is Your Most Defining Personality Trait? QUIZ
Your Most Defining Personality pin
What Is Your Most Defining Personality Trait? QUIZ

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