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3 Empath Super Powers

Empath Super Powers

3 Empath Super Powers (#3 Will Surprise You)

1. You make other people feel, “heard” – do you ever wonder why so many people (even total strangers lol) tend to tell youtheir entire life story?
It’s because your natural, empathic way of listening… allows people to feel heard & validated… perhaps
for the first time in their entire life.

2. You’re a human lie detector – you will never be “duped” because you can always (feel, sense, know)… when someone’s words… are not in alignment with their true feelings/intentions. You can literally feel… “the weight”… of someone’s lie.

3. You are a natural “healer” – your empathic openness, allows you to draw talents, energies, and wisdom from your soul. This can be expressed through art, coaching, and teaching, yes… but also your mere presence… your energy has the ability to elevate everyone around you, whether you… or they… know it or not.
YOU are THAT powerful!
-Victor Oddo @MoonOmens.

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