5 Reasons Why Smart People Have a Harder Time Dating

Smart People Harder Time Dating

What is wrong with smart people dating? The following facts reveal why dating is harder for smart people

Are you smart, or do you just THINK you’re smart?

Well, if you’re struggling with these five dating challenges, then chances are… you’re a genius.

Ernest Hemingway said:

“An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.”

To quote myself, Adam LoDolce said:

“An intelligent woman is sometimes forced to be drunk to sleep with a fool.”

If you’re smart, dating might even be harder for you than for others.

Here are five reasons why:

Reason #1: You Tend to Over-Analyze Everything

Every other problem you have in life, you’ll be able to think through.

Not so with dating.

When it comes to love, it’s definitely not that cut and dry.

It’s not a formula.

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If you find that you are constantly over-analyzing every single thing in dating and relationships…

It might be time to just learn how to go with the flow just a little bit more.

Reason #2: Everyone Expects You to Have the Perfect Partner

If you’re an overachiever in every area of your life, you can work through anything and make it happen, except for finding a suitable partner.

You might work hard to be a doctor or a lawyer, successful business woman, but you know what?

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to have success in your love life.

Have patience and understand that you can be happy now being single and anyone who puts pressure on you to find love is an energy vampire.

They don’t understand that you’d rather be single and happy than married and miserable.

Reason #3: The Men You Meet are Usually Less Intelligent Than You

Let’s say you’re in the top 30th percentile of IQ.

A lot of men will really annoy you.

They will not understand you and they will easily get intimidated by you.

Finding love and happiness is important and maybe you won’t end up with someone as smart as you but you’ll find someone who’s just really compatible with you.

Maybe they are the fun to your serious.

Maybe they are the relaxed to your stress.

Maybe they are the simplicity to your complexity.

Finding love doesn’t mean finding another you. It means finding someone who completes you.

Reason #4: You May Have Less Experience With Love

It is harder when Smart people are dating – as they tend to have spent more time on their achievements than on relationships when they were younger.

Let’s get real here.

It’s pretty rare to be the valedictorian who’s also the prom queen.

Now, when you were younger, you might have spent all of your time going to college, going to grad school, getting your first job, finding a really high paying career.

Other people may have spent time really working on their social skills and building relationships with people.

Now is the time to really make this a priority in your life and put as much energy into learning your social skills, learning how to flirt, learning how to date, and getting that experience as you would in other areas of your life.

Reason #5: You Feel Entitled to a Perfect Love Story

Yes, you may have the perfect job, but you might not find the perfect relationship.

Why, because perfection doesn’t exist in relationships.

You will find a relationship that is great, that is healthy, that’s going to make you so happy in life but, no relationship is perfect.

No man is perfect.

Although you might be a perfectionist in other areas of your life, it’s really time to open up and be able to explore other opportunities with people.

Don’t be so quick judge when you meet people for the first time.

Realize that the men that you meet may not be as smart as you but they may have other attributes that are really, really important and great.

Loosen up your criteria a little bit and explore other opportunities.

Explore other people.

Don’t forget to have a little bit of fun. That’s what this is all about.

In what ways do you find dating difficult? Leave a comment below.

5 Reasons Why Dating Is Harder for Smart People… watch it now!

Written By Adam LoDolce

Originally Appeared On sexyconfidence.com

Printed with Permission

It is hard for smart people dating
5 Reasons Why Dating Is Harder for Smart People
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5 Reasons Why Smart People Have a Harder Time Dating

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