50+ Best Sadhguru Quotes on Love, Life, and Letting Go

sadhguru quotes on love

The mind is constantly preoccupied with what is going on around us. Take a deep breath and slow down your thoughts! Sadhguru asks, “Are you here to experience life or to think about it?”

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a well-known yogi, spiritual leader, and also author of Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy, a New York Times Best Selling Book. We know him as Sadhguru for his teachings are filled with wisdom and spirituality. His teachings have helped people around the world to gain true happiness and wisdom. Spreading his thoughts in an interactive manner, he explains the true meaning of life, the importance of relationships, and finding inner peace. Gaining inspiration is significant in our lives as it makes us believe that we must change things for the better.

We’ve added some of the most inspirational Sadhguru Quotes on love, life and letting go so that it motivates you to do better and fills you with inner peace and compassion:

Best Sadhguru Quotes On Love 

An essential element of all relationships, whether with your partner, family, or friends is love. Sometimes we tend to find negativity in love because of heartbreak or rejection. We cannot truly express love in words, but here are some of Sadhguru’s inspirational love quotes that will help you do so. These are straightforward and accurately express how you feel, whether you are suffering from loss or problems with love, his words have the solution to all.

1. “If you want everyone to fall in love with you, the first thing is, you must fall in love with all of them.”

2. “There is no insurance for love. It takes awareness to keep it alive.

3. “Love is a longing to include someone as a part of yourself. It is a possibility to become more than what you are, by inclusion.”

4. “If there is love in your heart, it will guide you through your life. Love has its own intelligence.

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5. “Love is your quality. Love is not what you do. Love is what you are.”

6. “In everyone, there are some positive things and some negative things. If you embrace all this in your understanding, you can make the relationship the way you want it.”

7. “The important thing is not that people love you but that you are loving.”

8. “If you want your relationship to work, constantly remind yourself that the other is more significant than you.”

9. “I don’t want you to become benevolent. I want you to become full of gratitude. Benevolent people, after some time, become uncaring people.”

10. “You don’t climb in love, you don’t walk in love, you don’t stand in love, you fall in love.”

11. “People are trying to love. People are trying to be good. But, if you look at yourself, if I happen to meet you when you are very happy and joyful, I’m sure you are a very loving, generous, wonderful human being. This is true with every human being.”

12. “If you are forming relationships to seek happiness – you trying to squeeze happiness out of someone and that person trying to squeeze happiness out of you – this is going to be a painful relationship after some time.”

13. “Too many people are hungry not because there is a dearth of food. It is because there is a dearth of love and care in human hearts.”

14. “Your understanding of love has to evolve. You always think love means to hold. No. Love means to liberate and push forth.”

15. “When you love someone, it is a privilege to do something for them. Service is a poor substitute for love.”

16. “The important thing is not that people love you but that you are loving.”

17. “Being human means you are capable of caring for and looking at every life with a sense of tenderness.”

18. “People are trying to love. People are trying to be good. But, if you look at yourself, if I happen to meet you when you are very happy and joyful, I’m sure you are a very loving, generous, wonderful human being. This is true with every human being.”

19. “What you need to make your marriage successful is not the perfect person. What you need is absolute integrity.”

20. Doubt is good. It means you are searching for truth. Suspicion is sickness – it means you already made a negative conclusion.

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Best Sadhguru Quotes on Life

Sadhguru’s well-known book, “More than a Life,” discusses life and spirituality. He intends for us to explore and discover ourselves. If you want to make changes, here are some motivational quotes to get you started. These Sadhguru quotes will teach you the true essence of life.

21. “Life is a process, not a problem. The question is only, have you prepared yourself for the process or not.”

22. “Learning to listen is the essence of intelligent living.” 

23“People who have failed in their lives, are suffering from their failure. People who have succeeded in their life, are suffering from their success.”

24. “Learning is not about earning, but a way of flowering.” 

25. “Gender is given too much importance. We should be able to see humans just as humans.”

26. “If you are intelligent, the more deeply you look at life, the more you will fall into illusion. And this is a good thing.”

27. “The only way you can taste life is with involvement.”

28. “The more you realize the smallness of your existence, the larger your presence will become.”

29. “With firm likes and dislikes, you shut your doors to the many possibilities of life.”

30. “If you keep the past alive within you, you will become dead to the present.”

31. “There is no such thing as having attained enough. Life is an endless possibility.”

32. “The life within you cannot be unpleasant. Unpleasantness is created in the mind.”

33. “Repetition is cyclical. When you are going in circles, you are not going anywhere.”

34. “Life knows no failure. Failure exists only for those who are always comparing themselves with others.”

35. “If you are joyful by your own nature, you will do your best, and that is all that matters.”

36. “People who are bursting with life do not need a purpose to live. Life is a purpose unto itself.”

37. People are successful not necessarily because they work hard. They just do the right things in given situations.”

38. “Life should touch you, even if life smothers you, it’s better than remaining untouched by life”

39. “When you absolutely throw yourself into your activity, your energy will only grow and mature.”

40. “When a child comes into your life, it is time to relearn life, not teach them your ways.”

41. “There is no need to be perfect, but are you constantly striving to be better? That is all that matters.”

42. “The fear is simply because you are not living with life, You are living in your mind.”

43. ” If you resist change, you resist life.”

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Best Sadhguru Quotes on Letting Go

Sadhguru believes in the philosophy that letting go is a courageous move. It is not the end but the beginning of a new start. You allow yourself to start a new journey that allows you to find new possibilities. Some of these quotes on letting go and finding inner peace will help guide you through your personal and spiritual:

44. “If you tell yourself you don’t want to think a certain thought, that is precisely the first thing your mind will produce! That is the nature of the human mind.”

45. “The most beautiful moments in life are moments when you are expressing your joy, not when you are seeking it.”

46. “If you think hundred percent logically, there is really no possibility of life.”

47. “A human being is like a seed. Either you can keep it as it is, or you can make it grow into a wonderful tree with flowers and fruits.”

48. “It is our compulsive reaction to the situations in which we are placed that causes stress.”

49. “We are talking about shifting our lives from having a visitation from Joy to being the very source of Joy.”

50. “One of the main reasons why you have become miserable is, instead of falling back into your Joy, you are trying to pursue Joy.”

51. “Thoughts and emotions come from the same source. Thoughts are the dry expressions of the mind, emotions are juicy. The way you think is the way you feel.”

52. “If your sadness is reminding you that you are incomplete, it is good. Make use of your sadness to grow. When sadness sets in, if you become more compassionate, more caring, and more loving, you have some sense in you.”

53. If you choose, you can be joyful every moment of your life. It’s time you made your choice.”

54. “You cannot suffer the past or future because they do not exist. What you are suffering is your memory and your imagination.”

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Find Your True Inspiration

Finding true happiness in life is a journey of being inspired and inspiring others around you.

We hope that these inspirational Sadhguru quotes on love, life, and letting go teach you about the true meaning of life and inspire you to find joy in the little things.

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