10 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Becoming The Person You’re Meant To Be

Signs Becoming Person Youre Meant To Be

7. You always feel like you’re running out of time.

More often than not, you feel that 24 hours a day are not enough. You barely have enough sleep and you always find yourself in busy situations. It’s a struggle for you to spare time for yourself and your loved ones. There will always be something you have to do and sometimes you are too hard on yourself in doing things. This means that you have a strong determination to be successful.

8. You regret the mistakes you’ve made in the past.

It’s easy for you to blame yourself for any mistakes that you made in the past. You acknowledge that you’ve made some bad decisions and sometimes you want everything to go back to how it used to be. But, you realize that regret will take you nowhere and the only thing that you can do is to not repeat the same mistakes you’ve done.

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9. You always miss your childhood, family, and your loved ones.

Growing up sucks and you always find yourself looking back to your old life when everything was according to its place. You live on your own and being separated with your family and loved ones is not easy at all. But, deep down inside you don’t want to give up; you’re fully aware that all the struggles and success will be the best gift for all the people that you love.

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10. You feel lost, confused, and anxious about your future.

You appear to be bold and strong, but most of the time you feel extremely insecure about your own life. You’ve always questioned yourself regarding what you really need and what your life purpose is. You don’t exactly know how life supposed to be, simply because many unexpected things happen. But, despite all the confusion and fears, you can manage yourself to always finish your responsibilities and work. At the end of the day, you always take things one day at a time and you fully understand that everything will happen according to your own time zone.

Could you relate to these 10 uncomfortable signs you’re becoming the person you’re meant to be? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Written by Rayi Noormega
Printed with permission from the author
This article originally appeared on Thought Catalog

You’re Becoming The Person You’re Meant To Be
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