5 Most Annoying Anxiety Symptoms

Annoying Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety symptoms must be among the top 5 searches in Google. And it makes sense.

We are currently living in an alarming pandemic of depression and anxiety. And people often look for their symptoms to know what to do about it, and how to revert anxiety.

I won’t go over the details of why googling your symptoms is not a good idea, you have most likely been there.

Instead, we will talk about the 5 most annoying symptoms of anxiety.

For you, what are the most annoying symptoms?

Here Are 5 Most Annoying Anxiety Symptoms

5) You worry out of literally nothing.

Having an anxious mind is being constantly worried…

For things that can go wrong, for being embarrassed, for not being enough, for that thing you said the other day; you name it…

As if your mind was looking for new ways to be on-edge, we go beyond looking for things to worry.

And even if everything is perfectly fine, an anxious mind will just keep going.

And we will create worry out of thin air.

If nothing is happening, we start “what-if thinking”.

If something insignificant happened, we start overthinking about it.

And even when anxiety is gone, we quickly start again…

What if I get anxiety again!?

The worry never stops! And this is annoying as hell.

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4) Sleep, you say? What is that?

An anxious mind cannot find peace, not even in sleep.

For anxiety, it’s not enough that you spend all of your day worrying and overthinking.

Na-ah, anxiety wants to claim your sleep too.

As soon as we hit the pillow the mental hyperactivity kicks in…

The obsessive thoughts, the rumination, that thing you said long ago, the impending doom…

It will all come and haunt you if you have anxiety. And it won’t let you sleep.

The best one can hope for is dozing while rolling in bed, while battling a mind that just won’t shut up.

The lucky few who actually manage to sleep, are easily woken up by thoughts of danger…

And then the possibility of going back to sleep is off the table.

Awesome! Just in time to start a new day at 3:30 AM, after some 30 minutes of sleep… if one can call that sleep.

And if we ever get to sleep for more than a couple hours, it won’t be a deep, repairing sleep.

It feels like closing the eyes, and then waking up on a blink. Not a decent night’s sleep.

This is definitely one of the most annoying symptoms!

3) Anxiety makes you constantly tired.

All work and no rest makes Jack a dull boy.

Having no energy is also one of the most annoying symptoms of anxiety.

The lack of sleep and being on a constant state of alert make it very hard for us to get some real rest. Both physical or mental.

This also elevates our cortisol levels, and with sky-high levels of this stress hormone one can hardly function.

What can be more annoying than that?

Maybe the next symptom…

Want to know more about the annoying symptoms of anxiety? Check this video out below:

Annoying symptoms of anxiety
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