An Attitude for Gratitude

An Attitude for Gratitude

The holiday season is upon, and for many of us this is a time of wish lists, merriment, generosity and acts of charity. However, giving freely, kindnesses and gratitude is not seasonal or a trend. Nor should it be an temporary attempt at being “good” at “the right time of year”.

Gratitude is a mindset; a mindset which should be cultivated and nurtured.

It is about being genuinely and constantly thankful for each success you achieve; each blessing which is bestowed upon you, and each miracle you perceive.

For there are no small miracles; miracles, opportunities and magic surrounds you every moment of every day. Each intention put forth to the Universe and answered, is both a miracle and a blessing. Why would you not give ample thanks and praise for that?! Imagine, what you create in your mind the Universe co-creates with you bringing it to fruition. What positive changes or support have you been wishing, hoping for?

Set your intention (this is your Wish List to the Universe), hold it firmly in your mind, write it out even, if you like. Take any necessary inspired actions (you have a part to play in this process of “asking and receiving”, as well). And then, release it to the Universe.

Just let it go. Don’t agonize or stress over it. Simply surrender it to the Source of your faith. Both trust and know that your intention will be realized in the right time-space sequence for YOU. Thankfully, you are unique! There is no one quite like you with your combination of gifts, skills, experiences and personality. Remember, the Universe has a curious sense of humour and often does not work in linear human logic. Your intentions may come wrapped in unexpected packaging. But, they will be tailor fit for your personal growth and overall well-being.

In choosing to switch our filters on life- every change begins with a choice, a decision- to seek out the more miraculous, the more awe inspiring; you then begin to see, attract and resonate with all the wonders available to you. This is the effect of expressing gratitude; your abundance increases! For the more you have, the more you have to be thankful for. The more you have to be thankful for, the more you will find that you have. It is a beautifully light-filled circle which only grows and amplifies its energetic power.

Start cultivating your own wondrous Attitude of Gratitude by keeping a Daily Gratitude Journal. Each morning when you wake up, or every night before bed, write down at least 3 things you are truly thankful for. For the more artistic of you: add drawings, photos or magazine clippings to your gratitude entries. Make it your own. This is your private expression of gratitude to yourself and the Universe. It can be anything from a stranger smiling at you when you were having a blue day, to receiving a raise at work, to having the time to cook a delicious, healthy meal and sit down at the kitchen table with your family to enjoy it. There is no big or small here. Even on your worst day there is no shortage of things to be thankful for. You just have to reach for those positive moments, and you’ll find they’ll glimmer bright enough for you to see them.

So, this day and every day, willingly give thanks in its multitude of forms. The energy will only expand and come back to you again and again. Know that each person you touch with gratitude and humanity all through the year creates an oft unseen, positive ripple effect throughout the Universe. And, an increasingly positive outlook in your own life which yields more abundance of blessings.

Thankfully living Lighter, Brighter and FULLER lives! 🙂


Melanie Christian

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