A Fighter

Life play tricks with us to see how strong we are. Sometimes it shows us our worst nightmares. But its just a foggy dream that doesn’t last forever. FAILURE is life’s one of the favorite tricks.  That it plays on us from time to time. Everyone will fail at some or the other day in life. So does their life end there? Is the world destroyed?..No!

So, why do you give up so early? Just because you failed once doesn’t mean you will always fail. I know this is hard to accept but not impossible. You may feel everyone has gone ahead of you. But my friend, its their life. You can’t imitate other people. You can’t have everything what they are having.  Stop envying someone else’s success. Someone else’s job. Someone else’s grades.

Remember they are fulfilling their own destinies. They can’t love like you do. They can’t sing or dance or have any of your qualities. Your life is a blessing. The things you have today are god’s gifts They define your existence.

You fail because you are scared of being tested. Life is teaching you how to fight and get rise above these situations. It doesn’t make you a loser.. it makes you strong. Life is teaching you to be a winner.

“BE A WINNER!” once my guru said. Not a winner in grades or competitions but a winner in fighting your weaknesses. Being 1st is easy. Anyone can have a 1st place if he has will power to achieve it. But the real competition lies with oneself.

YOU are the reason of your own failure! Don’t believe me? .. You fail when you doubt yourself. You fail when you complain about your problems. You fail when you begin to avoid everything that looks difficult. You fail when you give up.

Now a days people talk about making changes. They want to change but no one wants to put in REAL efforts. They give up on the first try. This happens when they feel that they are not worthy to achieve it. They lack confidence because of failing before. Because they compare their lives with others. Because they envy others.

The point is stop being a victim and start being a victor. Fight your battles like a fighter. Don’t fear failure,its nothing. Always remember that in life one doesn’t fail, he either wins or he learns. If you are brave enough to have a dream. You should have courage to make it come true. Before winning over external things and situations learn to win over your own self. Learn to win from your inner devil that is stopping you to achieve what you deserve. People will judge you. People will criticize you. Let them. After all these talks don’t last forever. These judgments and criticism are the reason for their unhappy lives today.

Don’t fear to start again. Get up & Dust yourself and Live in such a beautiful way that others say.. What A Life !!! Show them how to win. This time in YOUR way. Be a FIGHTER!

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