9 Genuine Signs of Intelligence That People Can’t Fake

Signs Intelligence People Cant Fake

7) The most odd hours of the night are the most productive hours for you.

Well, many religious authorities might condemn this point but studies have clearly shown that the people who sleep late and get up early in the morning are much more likely to be of higher intellect.

The sleeplessness can also be a medical condition and thus we request you to take this seriously if you are facing troubles due to lack of sleep.

8) You Like to Chew ‘Gums’

Yes, most of the studies conducted on chewing gums have shown that the habit of chewing gum can be a sign of very high intelligence. The chemicals of the gum are said to help your blood circulation.

Another study showed that if you chew a chewing gum while preparing for your test, you can use the links created by your brain to store the information. Intelligent people feel even this slightest of the difference and thus choose to eat chewing gum to memorize stuff easily.

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9) You take smart and short naps often

Well, you can think, what is up with intelligence and sleep? Many studies have shown that people who take naps are smarter.

So if you are taking these short naps already, you’ll automatically be ahead of others.

In many cultures of the east, taking a nap is considered very good. They believe that small sleep connects you with higher authority. There is no rocket science with this one! You must have felt the positive effect of a nap yourself. After a nap, you feel more fresh and aware.

So, never forget to take a small nap whenever you can, it’ll go a long way in improving your intelligence. Just remember to keep the nap ‘small’!

These are the subtle signs of intelligence. Where do you stand?

9 Genuine Signs of Intelligence That People Can't Fake - How Many Do You Possess?
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