7 Ways To Make Him Fall in Love Over Text Message

Make Him Fall in Love Over Text Message

Why is this text to a man so good?

Men like attention. And men might never admit it but he loves to know that you’re thinking about him when you’re not together. Too many women actually discourage men when in fact, what most men need is more encouragement.

Here are a couple of cute text messages for you. You could text him:

“Can’t stop smiling all day after last night.”

This is a sure winner. This kind of text tells him that he made an impression and that you’re still thinking about him. This is an encouragement. Or try:

“So, Jennifer asked me how we met. She said she wants someone just like you. (haha… hands off Jenn) got a nice brother?”

This kind of text goes straight to a man’s heart and ego without being too obviously flattering. Whatever you hear, men love a little bit of an ego hero pampering. They like to know that they’re best even if they don’t let it on.

Also, men LIKE cute. Period. It’s one of those things that makes them feel strong and powerful enough to take on the world and this warms his heart up very nicely.

Now, what not to do in this situation?

Don’t flatter him too much.

Think drip feeding, NOT mushy overfeeding.

If you’ve just met a guy and you’re grandiose about how amazing he is, he might think it’s strange as you still don’t know him. You’re still strangers. And, this can feel too deep too soon like an expectation.

Now, this is critical. Men can use texting to test what a woman is up for and want from dating.

If you feel that a guy is coming on too sexually aggressive or suggestive in his messages and it’s perhaps early days, I suggest you stir him back to the more innocent types of text messages.

Check out my program, Unlock His Heart. I reveal some very specific texts that let him know that he’s crossed the line without him feeling like he’s being reprimanded and shamed for it. These types of text messages make him pay attention and value you more.

3. The funny, quirky text.

If I may paraphrase, laughter makes the heart grow fonder. If you can make him laugh, you can make him yours.

In case you’re wondering how exactly to make him laugh with the text, let me tell you pretty much, anything goes as long as it’s kind of funny for you, you should be all right. Here are a few random fun facts style texts.

“I heard today that it’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.”

Here’s another:

“Did you know chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying? Want to try it?”

“This is kind of strange. I found out what’s called a French kiss in the English speaking world is known as an English kiss in France.”

Humour is hugely powerful to build a connection with a man. The way to anyone’s heart, yours included, is through their funny bone.

4. The straight-up text.

This is a hot classic in the digital dating age. The straight-up text tells him that you’re a no-nonsense kind of woman who is confident enough to express what she wants rather than wait for the man to call all the shots. For example:

“Drinks tonight at 8:00?”

Why is this a good way to text a man?

Well, most men don’t like beating around the bush. They like and appreciate directness. And, confidence is sexy.

By occasionally leading a date, you’re telling your man that you’re an empowered woman who can contribute to the pleasure of the relationship.

Yes, you like him to lead and he likes to lead. And he also values a woman who’s engaged and engaging not needing him to prove himself at every turn.

When you do this from the heart, he will receive it with gratitude. And. that will help him fall in love over text message.

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  1. I feel like if I texted him saying Woke up early today but decided to get up and drive to the beach to watch the sunrise.” he would say ok so I’m not sure if it would work to help him fall in love with me

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