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The Top 7 Things Which Are Genuinely A Waste Of Your Time

The Top 7 Things Which Are Genuinely A Waste Of Your Time

Learn these 7 things which are genuinely a waste of your time:

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” – Bruce Lee

How many times have you felt that you could have done that activity better if you would not have wasted your time in doing something else?

Yes, we all have faced this plight many times in our lives. Wasting our time in certain activities or over certain things is a necessity nowadays.

Despite knowing that the wastage of time is the wastage of splendid opportunities, we do not prevent ourselves from doing so. Did anyone give a second thought as to why we contribute to wasting of our time?

Not many did.

We are human beings and, most of the times, our minds are drained because of numerous phenomena; we do not get energized to perform some purposeful activity and eventually lie down on our sofa watching the television aimlessly, gulping down unhealthy French fries and becoming a couch potato; you can relate to it, right?

So, you have not clearly sorted out your life’s goal, procrastinated always about what to do and what not to, got tired of thinking and contemplating, and then, you started wasting your time.

Quite a usual process, it is. However, it is time you give your life a break from your conquering laziness and purposelessness and be an optimist.

To follow your dreams you need to be, by hook or crook, steady about your ambitions and targets. You cannot waste time on something which does not make you feel better about yourself.

If you do so, what is the point of doing that futile activity?

To start off fresh, you first need to be aware of the activities that are not worthy of your precious time.

The Top 7 Things Which Are Genuinely A Waste Of Your Time

Time is Precious, Don’t Waste Time!

1. A Big No to Watching the Television:

Okay, very sorry to say that all this time when you have been watching the television without even dropping your eyelids for once has gone into waste.

Yes, you heard it right; the television is still at times an idiot box. Apart from a few distinct channels, it offers utter pretense.

So, you go to school and your classmate asks you, “Hey did you watch the last episode of that soap?” and there you are lamenting over not watching it! You go home, throw your school bag and sit down before the television to start watching it.

Here lies the consequence; are you really satisfied watching it? Did the soap actually promote something worth watching? In maximum cases, it does not. You have just wasted your time.

2. Getting into a Relationship Just to Not Feel Lonely or Bored:

One fine day, a thought came to your mind, “I am quite bored these days and kind of emptied; I should just go and get in some relationship”.

If we convert this sentence, it will mean wasting time. Only because you’re alone, bored or feeling homeless, it does not mean getting into a relationship is an option.

This will eventually make both of you and your partner’s life ruined. Instead, visit the local cafe and have your favorite coffee; this is way better.

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3. Stop Being the Jack of All Trade:

You cannot be the Messiah when you cannot take up excess responsibilities. Going on helping others when not needed will make them feed on you, making your life a hell.

Of course, do help when needed but do not overdo it.

4. Stop Grumbling:

Cannot stop complaining? Well, this is just a waste of time. Try to solve the problem on your own instead of publicizing it in front of the others.

Complaining won’t make it easier; instead, it will complicate things. If there is no solution, ignore, accept and move on.

5. Going Out of Your Way to Please the Others? Stop it Right There:

Doing things you don’t like is no act of perseverance but mere futility. In the end, you’ll realize how hopeless you’re feeling by not making yourself happy.

This is a waste of time. No one can ever please others if they are not happy themselves.

6.  Say No to Gossip:

How many times you’ve found yourself in the midst of talking nuisance and criticizing someone along with the others?

This is one of the best ways to waste time. It can put someone’s reputation at stake and put into jeopardy your goodwill.

Hence, quit gossiping and be straightforward about your opinions, if you don’t like that person, don’t talk; but, never gossip.

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7. Calm Down and Forgive:

Staying mad at someone is no option at all. Maybe the person doesn’t even know the reason behind your anger; maybe, it isn’t the fault of the person; maybe, it is only a misunderstanding. So forgive and forget.

So, this is the time for you to decide what you would really like to do in life.

If you have goals and ambitions to fulfill, you should stop procrastinating and start using all the time that is available fruitfully.


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