5 Day Ayurveda Cleanse

A five-day Ayurveda Cleanse

Ayurveda is a science that is widely acknowledged as the world’s oldest system of health. The wise methods of detoxing, balancing, and healing is beneficial for all of those that want to heal the mind, body, and soul. After ingesting so many toxins through our diet and receiving negative stimuli through our senses, this is a much-needed investment in self. We must understand that it is important to immerse ourselves in the most loving and nurturing environment to heal and thrive. If we are surrounded by love and positivity, true healing through a detox is feasible.

During my yoga teacher training in Bali last year, I felt loved with my fellow yogis and it was easy to cleanse and be healthy. The problem was once I was back in LA, I struggled to reintegrate and keep it up. Later on, once I met my loving partner, he helped me to realize I was off balance and stifled living in LA. His Kappa nature is relaxed, steady, and grounding. He encouraged me to do this cleanse and his love helped me to wholly blossom. Finally, I felt truly ready to begin the healing process and detox. And there was no place more nurturing than at the Amrtasiddhi Ayurveda center in Bali.

Day 1

First thing to do upon arrival, is to get a consultation with the Ayurveda Doctor. He concludes which combination of the elements one is, each person differs with their prakruti (constitutional type) and temperament. If one is a combination of Vatta-Pitta, wind and fire like me, then you will have to work on stomach problems alongside emotional wounds in a way that best suites the vatta-pitta temperament.

After the check-in and consult, the treatment is up next. A two-hour Ayurveda treatment consisting of Abhanga (sesame seed oil massage), then a Ubtan (herbal powder scrub) and then Shirodhara (where a herbal coconut oil, that smells delicious is poured over the forehead). This type of treatment is such a treat, and aides sleep like no sleeping pill can.

The accommodations are comfortable, the juices and soups are simple, tasty, and filling. Struggling with a bit of craving for sugar on the first day is normal, and usually bound to happen. That is another reason this cleanse is essential. We must fight to cut bad habits. Too much sugar is the enemy, and alcohol, and meat.

Side note:

Each cleanse is specifically designed for each person. My cleanse consisted of three juices and two soups to consume for the first three days. The juices were green veggies, turmeric with aloe vera, and apple carrot & celery.

For breakfast, one can expect to have green juice, for lunch a vegetable soup, and for dinner a blended soup. Before and after each meal, herbs must be taken specific to each issue. The last two days we get to have real meals but along with that comes the basti, aka enema.

Day 2

 The first full day begins with yoga at 7 am, followed by a relaxing treatment, and then the juices, and soups. I noticed that after my second juice in the afternoon, I had a rash on my inner forearms. When I Spoke to the Doctor about it, he confirmed it was the toxins in my body being released. I was a little light headed during the day and needed a nap in the afternoon. A side effect of having only liquids and jet lag. The side effects make sense when you consider the fact that we consume so many toxins like alcohol, sweets, and processed foods throughout our lifetime.

In the evening, a guided walking and sitting meditation class is provided and not much else. It’s very easy to really master the art of doing nothing, and it is splendid. The craving for sweets ends and there aren’t any hunger pains. It’s liberating having nothing to worry about but to just simply be. The whole self can relax and sleep comes easy.

Day 3

Once again in the morning we have yoga and breakfast juice. Later in the day, a longer treatment is provided that consisted of the sesame oil massage, medicated oil on the forehead, and lastly a steam bath. It’s invigorating when all we have to do is relax and simply be.

The blended soup for lunch was tolerable. For dinner, the pumpkin soup along with kefir and coconut probiotics was very tasty. After the last meal, the liver detox flush and Epson salt is given.

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