24 Cool Facts about Left Handed People

5) They are a pro at sports

Lefties are a pro at sports, be it golf, tennis or boxing they excel everywhere.
Golf champ Phil Mickelson, Tennis rockstar Rafael Nadal, boxing legend Oscar de la Hoya are all lefties.

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In fact, almost 40% of the top tennis players are lefties.

According to MSNBC review of an interesting book The puzzle of left-handedness by Rik Smits, left-handers may have an advantage in games involving two opponents facing each other like boxing or tennis because they get more opportunities to practice against right-handed opponents than vice versa since righties are so much more in number.


6) Seeing Underwaters:

They can adjust to seeing underwater better than right-handers

7) During Puberty:

They tend to reach puberty 4-5 months later than right-handers

8) Insomnia:

They are more likely to suffer from insomnia

9) Research studies say:

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Research says left-handedness is seen in animals as well

10) Statistical data:

Statistical data show that there are more than 30 million left-handers in the U.S.

11) August 13 is celebrated as Left Handers Day internationally

The UK based Left-Handers Club launched 13th August as the International Left-Handers Day in 1992 to increase awareness about the left-handed lifestyle.

Their website marks this as a day “when left-handers everywhere can celebrate their sinistrality and increase public awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed.”


12) They shine in politics

Out of the last seven US presidents, 4 have been left-handed. President Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Gerald Ford, as well as few Presidents in the past like James Garfield and Harry Truman, are also left-handed.


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