12 Weird Things You Might See A Narcissist Do.

 July 15, 2017

12 Weird Things You Might See A Narcissist Do.

If a woman has had an excess of cosmetic surgery including too many facelifts, she is probably a somatic narcissist living in mortal fear of aging.

10. They have an affected way of speaking.

Dahhhh-ling, this can manifest as a fake foreign accent, or just a speaking voice that sounds fake and affected, as if they are acting on a stage. It comes off to others as more annoying than glamorous though.

11. They use exaggerated mannerisms, facial expressions, or speaking voice.

Like actors in silent movies, who used exaggerated expressions and mannerisms to make up for the fact they couldn’t speak in those films, some narcissists (probably because they can’t feel emotions the way normal people can) overact to the point of being rather hilarious. This is also common in people with Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD), another Cluster B disorder that’s been speculated by some experts on personality disorders to be a somatic form of narcissism and is far more common in women.

12. They have conversations with themselves.

I’ve heard many a narcissist talk to themselves–and actually answer themselves back. Does this mean they are insane? Do they hear voices in their heads? Or are they practicing what they might say to someone in a hypothetical conversation ahead of time (remember, everything they do is fake, so they might have to pre-plan how they will respond to others in advance)? Who knows? I just know it’s weird as fck. My ex used to do this all the time–in front of a mirror too.

Written By Lauren Bennett
Originally Appeared On luckyottershaven.com
Printed with Permission
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12 Weird Things You Might See A Narcissist Do.

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