12 Signs That Will Help You Spot A Person Who Is Secretly Jealous Of You

7. Rumormongers

Jealous people will take any opportunity they can find to talk about you behind your back, and they will definitely not be saying good things.

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Sometimes they’re downright spiteful and nasty and they won’t even think twice about spreading rumors, even ones they know are false.

Don’t let yourself be affected by their toxic nature. It is best to bring it up with them as soon as you can. Be resolute and earnest when you confront them and you might be able to convince them to stop.


8. Excellent at finding fault with everything you do

A jealous person will perceive you as an inferior individual who just managed to have some accidental luck. They’ll do their best to make sure you know that by criticizing your every move.

It won’t matter to them that you’ve worked extremely hard or that you are very skilled. They will nit-pick if they have to just to pull you down.


9. They’ll dislike you for no reason

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Through no fault of your own, a jealous person will always detest you. They covet your success and when they can’t have it, they’ll simply hate you for it.

The only way to deal with this is to be civil to them, otherwise, they may do something vindictive.


10. They will try to isolate you from those you are close to.

Jealous people will try their hardest to damage your connections with those you hold dear. They will try to ensure that you have no support system to fall back on so that they can easily destroy you later.

And so, they will go behind your back to ruin your relationships, familial or romantic or even just friendly.


11. They will now show their true colors

A jealous person will never be upfront about their feelings regarding you.

They prefer to plaster on a fake smile and will act like they’re actually sharing your happiness and wishing the very best for you.

They will even go so far as to overly appreciate you even though they won’t mean a single word of what they’re saying.


12. Sabotage you through their advice

A jealous person’s conscience will not prick them when they’re trying to find ways to pull you down. This might mean them giving you the worst advice possible so that you’ll definitely end up failing.

Be very careful because they will very hard to ensure that you listen to them so that you will get hurt in the end.


Handling jealousy in others can be very difficult but it is not impossible. Just remember that their jealousy just stems from their insecurity and lack of confidence.

Letting them know that they have hurt you will only make them happy so just remain calm and try to guide them back to the right path.

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