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Zodiac Signs In Love

zodiac signs in love

Zodiac Signs In Love

Aries: Either is very showy about loving you or doesn’t show it at all even though they mean to

Taurus: Shows people they love you in a casual way, Doesn’t push it in the world’s face, and is kinda chill/low-ke

Gemini: Facebook posts all the time. Will joke around with you a lot, and not realize their own feelings for a long time. Thinks they’re tough but they’re really not

Cancer: Very, very cute about it. Shows through little gestures and comments. Very subtle but nice

Leo: Usually will tell you a lot. Very clingy and touchy. Wants to be tough, but never really acts like it.

Virgo: Doesn’t show it at first, but will talk to you more than they talk to others. I Will joke and generally feel comfier with you. Will be a little weirder and themselves with you

Libra: Very low-key about it. Lovey in private and a little goofier around you.

Scorpio: Always intense. They can be playful until they really love you (includes platonic love)

Sagittarius: Omg more Facebook posts than a Gemini. everyone will know you two are dating or besties they make sure. Easily jealous (!!)

Capricorn: Very chill about their love for you, but they show it well by remembering a lot about you and telling everyone about you

Aquarius: Jealous babies who need so much attention, but they also shower in compliments and love constantly. They don’t love easily or make relationships often so it’s special for them

Pisces: They require a lot of attention, but they give it right back similar to an Aquarius. A bit wishy-washy at times and rocky but a great soft, Lovable cutie

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