Zodiac Signs And Meeting New People

Zodiac Signs And Meeting New People

Zodiac Signs + Meeting New People  

Aries: Show them you’re cool, they’ll be cool with you  

Taurus: Might be selective at first, depending on the situation or atmosphere  

Gemini: Sees no problem in conversation, as long as you’re not a douchebag  

Cancer: They have to feel like you want to talk and stuff, then they will  

Leo: Pretty good at meeting new peeps, you have to have a certain vibe though  

Virgo: The other person may have to take the initiative but it’s all good once things start flowing  

Libra: They don’t care, I mean they do a little silently judging.  

Scorpio: Don’t be overly obnoxious or intrusive and things will go just fine  

Sagittarius: Can mix and mingle with anyone…well almost anyone  

Capricorn: They may first look at you like “why are you talking to me”, but that’s just their inner voice  

Aquarius: Read statement above  

Pisces: May act shy or smile a lot… but that’s how the initial phase with Pisces go

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